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Mac Logo 2

Welcome to Mac’s Amateur Models!  I am Mac, and I live in the northeastern part of the country.  I have been a fan of modeling videos for a few years now and have started making my own.

I look for models in their late teens and early twenties, who are just starting out as models and want to try new things.  I make contact with a prospective model through the internet and set up a modeling session.  I travel to the state she is in and we meet at a hotel room.

We start with basic glamour poses and conversation with the model.  You will get to find out about her, what she does, what she likes, etc.  After that, we enter the Mac Zone.  I take each model as far as she will go.  This includes topless, full nude, toys, and more.

This is an adult site and contains sexually explicit content.  You must be 18 years old to enter.

Weekend Special!  Check out Adiranna’s first video for $2.99!

I’m pleased to introduce the latest MAC model, Adrianna to the site. She is DROP DEAD gorgeous!!! She had posted one picture on a modeling site (and it was a BAD picture) but she was “local” so I thought it would be worth a shot - boy was I SURPRISED!! She could easily pose for FHM, Maxim or Playboy - what is she doing at a MAC shoot? Don’t ask questions - just SHOOT HER!! Adri goes to a local, very prestigious and expensive university - so we set up a shoot in 2 days time (gotta act fast in this business!) and I met up with her at an expensive downtown Washington DC hotel near a metro stop (she doesn’t have a car but was ok if she could “metro” to the shoot!). Her amateur and honest nature really comes out in the video - she is actually somewhat shy about her body which adds to the video - I didn’t want to rush her into anything too fast as I worried she would run out the door!!

When she knocked on the door and I opened it I was in shock at her beauty. It turns out she was expecting a female photographer - so she was surprised too! As you will see the shoot went VERY well - she knows how to pose even though this is her FIRST EVER SHOOT!!! You will get to see and experience Adri’s unique personality during this special video - I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!!

Adrianna is 21 years old with Spanish/Italian heritage! She has light brown/blonde hair with green eyes and GREAT facial features. She is 5’4”, 34D!!! And NO TATTOOS!!

Scene 1: What Adri wore to the shoot - WOW!! A black tight short top showing her tummy etc!! We get to see that she is naturally BUSTY with this low-cut top - quite a LOOKER!! We see her tummy and her belly button piercing! Plus we get some initial cleavage shots with this top!

Scene 2: Black shorts and striped tube top!! WOW!! Some nice butt/cleavage shots in this scene. We end with the cops pose…..nice!!!

Scene 3: Grey shorts with an orange striped top - more tummy showing and she says it is something she would wear to bed. Her boobs are really shown in this top - she is “busting“ out of this top - we discuss her great boobs and she is somewhat embarrassed about them!! Awesome cleavage shots!!! She talks about her initial venture into the modeling business.

Scene 4: Black pants and a “salmon” halter top (with NO bra!) - more tummy is showing for all you tummy fans out there!! She’s really showing off her chest in this scene. She says her best feature is her back (I’m sure you all will say her chest!!).

Scene 5: An orange (sheer!!) top - that is VERY revealing - we can see Adri’s headlights in this one!!! She says she would NOT wear this one out!! And black pants. I use the “nightshot” feature to see what she has to offer - wow, nice nips on this babe!! She’s liking the shoot so far - gotta make them comfortable!!

Scene 6: Mac’s blue sheer lingerie top and thong!! Wow - Adri fills this one out nicely!! Despite her shyness, she seems pretty comfortable with the outfit and hopefully I can get her to show us more?? Her boobs are really let free to “hang out” in all their glory in this outfit!! This outfit shows off Adri’s awesome butt and boobs!!

Scene 7: A borrowed black bikini!! WOW!! We end with topless from behind - she let’s those beauties loose from that bikini top and we get some nice side shots - I didn’t think she would go for it, but luckily she DID!!!

Download Adrianna’s first video (57 minutes) for $2.99

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Here is a nice treat from Sandlmodels model Princess.  She has done 3 shoots with him and shows her body off nicely, but Sandlmodels wanted to see everything.  They agreed to have Princess show off her pussy nice and close.  After watching, I can see why he wanted this video.  Princess has a gorgeous pussy.  Enjoy the show.

Download Princess PV1 (35 minutes) for $10.00

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SM Princess PV1 1

SM Princess PV1 8

SM Princess PV1 34

SM Princess PV1 44

SM Princess PV1 64

SM Princess PV1 68

SM Princess PV1 84

SM Princess PV1 107

SM Princess PV1 122

SM Princess PV1 131

SM Princess PV1 162

SM Princess PV1 177

SM Princess PV1 214

SM Princess PV1 215

Well, you don’t see this every day.  Sandlmodels was doing a shoot with new model Juliet and she realized that she needed to milk herself to relieve the pressure in her boobs.  They decided to film the process and here we are.

Download Juliet’s Milking video for $5.00

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SM Julia Breast Milk 4

SM Julia Breast Milk 13

SM Julia Breast Milk 18

SM Julia Breast Milk 26

SM Julia Breast Milk 54

SM Julia Breast Milk 59

This is a custom video Deliliah did for a lucky fan.  She looks awesome in this video, maybe the best she ever looked.  Deliliah is in a great mood and that means great posing and teasing.  Mix in a little bondage and some closeups of Deliliah’s moist pussy and we have a great video. ;)

Download Deliliah PV9 for $15.00

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Deliliah PV9 29

Deliliah PV9 35

Deliliah PV9 44

Deliliah PV9 66

Deliliah PV9 93

Deliliah PV9 88

Deliliah PV9 123

Deliliah PV9 143

Deliliah PV9 156

Deliliah PV9 159

Deliliah PV9 198

Deliliah PV9 176

Deliliah PV9 250

Sandlmodels is a glamour photographer who splits time between Florida and California, so he is able to work with many of the hottest models available.  He usually stays with glamour shoots, but sometimes his videos get pretty hot, so I post them here on Mac’s site.

SM Alex PV1 184

SM Corrine 4 375

SM Corrine PV1 73

SM Emmy 3 279

SM Julia Breast Milk 13

SM Yelein 2 211

Kelly D 4 285

SM Kelly D Massage 2 183

Kelly D PV3 257

SM Kelly D PV4 291

SM Kelly D PV5 214

SM Kelly D PV6 7

SM Kelly D Mast 87

SM Lalana Nude 353

SM Mai PV1 3

SM Nichole PV1 91

SM Princess PV1 177

HD Amateur Auditions loves Mac’s videos and has adopted Mac’s style very well.  He finds hot local women who want to try modeling.  His shoots are loose and casual.  The models get warmed up quickly and are open-minded about trying new things that go further than a typical glamour modeling shoot.  Each video set is about 50-70 minutes divided into a few scenes.  I recommend starting with the first video of each model and going from there.  You will want to see her reactions to being in a studio setting for the first time. 

HD Abby 151

HD Abby 2 170

HD Alana 201

HD Alana BJ 101

HD Alana Dildo 119

HD Alexis 119

HD Alexis 2 156

HD Ally Audition 179

Ally 133

Ally 2 161

HD Amanda D 6

HD Amy Heather 15

HD Ashley Charlie 116

HD Aubree 73

HD Aubree 2 115

HD Brittany 105

HD Cristina 128

HD Cristina BJ 28

Heather B 3

Heather B 2 136

HD Isabella BJ 19

HD Jenna 87

Jessica Isabella 118

Jessica Isabella 2 141

Jessica Isabella 3 142

HD Jessica BJ 131

HD Jessica Dildo 63

Keagan 163

HD Keagan Mandee 45

HD Keagan Mandee 2 2

HD Kimberly 54

HD Kimberly 2 70

Mandee 335

HD Sarah 154

HD Sarah 2 68

HD Sarah 3 5

HD Sylvania 78

Deliliah is a beautiful Latina who would like to be a professional model.  She is very sexy and sultry and loves to tease the camera.  Just click on any of her scans to go to that video page.

Deliliah PV1 24

Deliliah PV2 80

Deliliah PV3 187

Deliliah PV4 196

Deliliah PV5 220

Deliliah PV6 79

Deliliah PV7 59

Deliliah PV9 143


EAP produces very hot nude glamour modeling videos.  He has some very sexy models and they get fully nude and fully spread for you, and sometimes more.  Check out Candle Boxxx, Hannah Perez, Kristy Rebel and other smoking hot ladies.  Just click on the scan to go to that video page.

EAP All Stars 95

EA All Stars 2 228

EAP Kandi 210

EAP Kandi 2 88

EAP Kandi 3 302

EAP Kristy 261

EAP Kristy 2 355

EAP Monroe 2 148

EAP Rosalee 109

EAP Rosalee 2 136


Check out cute blonde Tara’s first video and 3-pack special!

Please welcome TARA for a MAC video shoot!! Tara is a super cute and petite blonde hottie who lives nearby! She had sent me some bad photos a few months ago which I found out really did not do her justice. I was in “need” of doing a shoot so I contacted her and met up the next day - when she arrived I was surprised how cute she was because her pictures she sent were not very good!! She is slim with a cute set of 32B boobs and a great butt!!! As you will see she is quite sexy/seductive in her mannerisms/voice/ and giggle. There are 10 outfits/scenes in this video!!

Scene 1: What Tara wore to the shoot!! A cute blue denim summer outfit, low cut, no bra and short!! This was a good sign!!

Scene 2: Tara wears some TIGHT denim shorts and a semi-sheer white tank top (braless - so you can see her headlights/high beams - very nice!!) Some great down shirt shots - and that butt!!

Scene 3: Some TIGHT white short shorts and a tube top!! She tells us what happened when she wore this outfit in Chicago!! LOL Tara in not shy in showing off her cute little BUTT!!

Scene 4: Tara is wearing a white top with a black skirt. We find out she has some cute blue/white lace panties on with some zoom in shots! - LOL.

Scene 5: Tara wears a cute black dress with a see-through middle, very cute!!

Scene 6: Tara models MAC’s blue brazilian thong bikini - Tara LOVES it (and so will you!) - it fits her perfectly and shows off her great butt too!

Scene 7: Next up is the yellow brazilian bikini - very nice!! She takes the top off and I get some great topless from behind and some side shots of course!!

Scene 8: Tara models a brand new VS sheer pink lingerie - bought especially for the MAC shoot!!

Scene 9: A cute white top and some panties - brand new for the MAC shoot! More great topless shots in this scene!!

Scene 10: A unique outfit - black leggings, lace panties and a SHEER poncho type thing!! More topless at the end!! What a great first SHOOT!!! Thanks Tara!!!!

Download Tara’s first video for $10.00

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Download Tara’s 3-pack special for $35.00

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M Tara 13

M Tara 4

M Tara 15

Check out Tara’s second video!  This chick is into it!

Tara - the slim blonde cutie is BACK!! She is slim with a cute set of 32B boobs and a great butt!!! As you will see she is quite sexy/seductive in her mannerisms/voice/ and giggle. Some great modeling, FULL NUDE, the MAC MASSAGE and a shower scene!!!

Scene 1: Tara models the white “tear drop” bikini!! She doesn’t know quite what to think of this one - LOL!!! The top comes off of course- for some great “hand bra” scenes!!

Scene 2: Tara models some new lingerie she got - it’s HOT!!! The bra comes off during the posing and Tara poses in lots of positions completely topless - she has some awesome puffy nipples and areola - they are SO SUCKABLE!!!!!

Scene 3: Time for the orange slingshot bikini!!! The bikini comes off for some great NUDE poses - you’ll see she has some nice puffy lips to go with those great boobs!!!

Scene 4: Tara models her BIRTHDAY SUIT - FULL NUDE!!!!

Scene 5: Time for the MAC MASSAGE - first the BACK!! Tara is nice and lean, a real treat to give her a massage!!! I couldn’t keep my hands off that great BUTT!!!

Scene 6: Finally MAC gets to suck on those awesome BOOBS!!! First Tara is sitting up and then lying back - then it is time for the frontal massage - she was definitely enjoying it, so it was time for the hand to wander down to the forbidden zone….

Scene 7: Tara is SUPER WET and ready for the FULL massage!!! This girl is HOTT - I start slow with just one or two fingers, but before long she is taking a FULL four fingers and I’m pounding her HARD!!! She is screaming….and working on herself… I’m pounding her insides and she is working on her love button!!!!

Scene 8: The massage continues - whoa….several orgasms later I hit the “spot” and she lets go with a big squirt leaving a nice puddle on the bed!!! She says “you hit that SPOT that makes me WET - was it a big puddle??” LOL!!!

Scene 9: Tara’s got the signature MAC on her boobs and goes off to the shower to clean up!! Great shower scene!!

Download Tara #2 for $15.00

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Tara Two 4

Tara Two 3

M Tara 2 85

Tara’s third video:  2 incredible BJ’s!

Tara - the slim blonde cutie MILF is BACK!! She is slim with a cute set of 32B boobs and a great butt!!! As you will see she is quite sexy/seductive in her mannerisms/voice/ and giggle. TWO GREAT BJ scenes with a FACIAL and ORAL presents from the MAC BLAST!!!

Scene 1: Tara modeled about 3 outfits for volume 1 and then she says "I would really like to suck your cock, can we do that now?" - ummm... HELL YES!!!! Find out how Tara got "trained" in BJ's LOL - She goes at it with GUSTO and absolutely LOVES pleasing her man with her MOUTH!!! Lots of eye contact and shot POV of course so it is YOU getting the most AMAZING BJ!!!

Scene 2: The BJ continues - find out how old Tara was when she gave her FIRST BJ - whoa!! More deepthroating, ball licking, ball sucking...titty fucking..

Scene 3: The BJ continues. how can I hold out this long?!?!

Scene 4: I couldn't handle much more so Tara finally gets her REWARD - a MAC BLAST facial - whoa, it was a BIG one too!!! Tara gets completely covered, including both eyes!! Then we watch her clean up the MAC MESS lest behind.LOL

Scene 5: The MAC BLAST to Tara's face in SLO MOTION

Scene 6: Tara gets "MAC" painted on her BOOBS and then it is time for ANOTHER BJ!!! We start on the bed...

Scene 7: .then move back to the chair to make Tara more comfortable.

Scene 8: I couldn't take much more, Tara's mouth was wide open so I shoot the MAC BLAST right into her OPEN MOUTH!!!! She got a MOUTH FULL O' MAC LOL She didn't want to swallow, so I told her to spit - so she did, right onto the HOTEL CARPET FLOOR!!! There was a BIG WHITE PUDDLE of PROTEIN left on the carpet.LOL

Scene 9: The MAC BLAST and SPIT in SLO MO!!!

Download Tara #3 for $20.00

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Tara 3 Clip 1_0002

Tara Three 1

Tara Three 15

New from Sandlmodels!  Check out sexy babes Emmy and Sophia!

This is a truly amazing video, one of the hottest ever from Sandlmodels.  Sexy babe Emmy returns and in her first 3 scenes, she does her hottest posing ever.  The video is getting hotter with each scene.  And then everything blows up.  Her friend Sophia joins her for 3 long scenes and things really get heated up.  Emmy and Sophia do a scene where they are dancing together and showing us how they dance at the club.  The next scene is a long baby oil scene with each lady rubbing oil on the other.  The final scene is a very hot bathtub scene and again, each lady takes care of the other, making sure she gets nice and clean.  I know how hard it is to bring two models together and have them get sexy, but Sandlmodels pulls it off to perfection.  This video is a keeper.

Download  Emmy #3 (80 minutes) for $20.00

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SM Emmy 3 8

SM Emmy 3 38

SM Emmy 3 60

SM Emmy 3 66

SM Emmy 3 84

SM Emmy 3 99

SM Emmy 3 117

SM Emmy 3 149

SM Emmy 3 164

SM Emmy 3 172

SM Emmy 3 187

SM Emmy 3 200

SM Emmy 3 222

SM Emmy 3 232

SM Emmy 3 250

SM Emmy 3 268

SM Emmy 3 274

SM Emmy 3 279

SM Emmy 3 290

SM Emmy 3 296

SM Emmy 3 304

SM Emmy 3 320

SM Emmy 3 335

SM Emmy 3 363

SM Emmy 3 379

SM Emmy 3 391

SM Emmy 3 406

SM Emmy 3 417

SM Emmy 3 453

SM Emmy 3 474

Check out sexy babe Lily!

Welcome LILY as a new MAC model!! Lily is a HOT model from South Florida that has some experience in fashion, print etc. but is quite new to the world of video and MAC video!! Lily is 26 but easily passes for early 20's!

Lily is mostly Italian and is 5'5" tall, with an all natural 34B-26-35 figure!! She's got a great personality, is very "chatty" which makes for a great shoot as we learn a lot about her and her experiences etc .. She is extremely bright (she graduated magna cum laude - does that mean cum on my face?? and has a HOT and TIGHT/LEAN body. A LONG video with 70 minutes of action - 8 Full Scenes!!

Scene 1: What Lily wore on the plane to the shoot! Some extremely tight low cut jeans and a TIGHT short tank top (no bra as Lily doesn't like to wear them!!) that shows off her lean figure and flat tummy. The flight attendant tried to pick her up (no wonder!) and she also tells us about her hair extensions.

Scene 2: A tiny jean skirt and a black tank top!! She's also wearing some serious heeled shoes!!! She's got some great legs that look even better with big heels! She talks about the time she spent in Hawaii, going to school etc.

Scene 3: Lily models a cute red (bralass) low-cut top with a jean skirt!! She talks about some of her previous modeling experience, her preference in pets, her love of math, science and chemistry!!!

Scene 4: Lily wears a white, sheer, tight t-shirt and some tiny jean shorts!! You can see Lily's headlights through this top, so we do a wet t-shirt scene that is HOT!! Once it's wet, it is essentially not there!! She rolls the top up to show off her lean and tight tummy! This outfit not only shows off her cute boobs, but also her awesome butt!!!! She's also got a great tongue as we check it out to see if there are any piercing!!!

Scene 5: Lily wears a black skirt and a white tank top. She lowers her skirt and gives us a great look at her awesome butt!!! She doesn't like it, but I'm sure you will!!!

Scene 6: Lily wears a SMOKING HOT and REVEALING black lingerie outfit - it's got a fishnet type of top that reveals all her upper goods!!!!

Scene 7: Lily models MAC's brazilian blue bikini!!! This fits her PERFECTLY - and shows off her great BUTT too!!! She loves it - and you will too!! The top comes off in the COPS pose for some great topless shots from the sides etc.nice hard nips on Lily!

Scene 8: MAC's yellow brazilian string bikini this time!! More great topless action to end this scene!!

Download Lily’s video for $10.00

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Download Lily’s 3-pack special for $35.00

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Lily Thumb 71

Lily Thumb 20

Lily Thumb 26

Check out Lily’s second video!  Baby oil massage and a huge Mac Blast!

Lily is 26 but easily passes for early 20’s! Lily is mostly Italian and is 5’5” tall, with an all natural 34B-26-35 figure!! She’s got a great personality, is very “chatty” which makes for a great shoot as we learn a lot about her and her experiences etc …. She is extremely bright (she graduated magna cum laude - does that mean cum on my face?? and has a HOT and TIGHT/LEAN body.

Scene 1: Lily models my blue sheer lingerie - nice!! She tells us about some of her experiences in Cali during the scene. Some nice close-ups of her pu$$y from behing in the thong bottom!! An extended full topless scene at the end!!

Scene 2: Lily models the white teardrop bikini - she “feels naked” in this one - LOL Several nip slips with this one - so Lily just takes off the top to finish the modeling - more great views and angles of her perky, natural 34B titties.

Scene 3: Lily models the orange slingshot bikini - lots of wardrobe malfunctions….so the whole scene is essentially topless!

Scene 4: Lily models her BIRTHDAY suit!! Full NUDE!! “I’m not hiding anything now!” It’s a nice long scene with some great shots of her meaty pu$$y.

Scene 5: Lily gets the MAC back massage - what a nice body and ass!!!

Scene 6: We start with some pre-scene footage of Lily eating/drinking water/chewing gum - getting ready for a BJ scene!! Lily has some great talents as you will see. She occasionally looks into the camera which is great!! Awesome use of the tongue and hands too!! Great ball sucking and licking too! I slap her face/tongue and she enjoys it.

Scene 7: The BJ continues - Lily tries to deep throat and does a damm good job!! Watch as she pushes and twists her head down on me!! We move to a different chair for a different angle etc.

Scene 8: The BJ finish - more BJ action, I didn’t want her to stop but Lily’s jaw was getting tired and I couldn’t last forever -LOL. Facial time for Lily!!! She is kneeling and posing for me to unleash my load - she gets the MAC BLAST - all over her face, in her mouth and all over her chest/boobs - it was a colossal cumshot!! She says “you got a lot there!”; “more than a facial, a little bit of everything, full body!” We follow her to the bathroom to towel off the MAC BLAST.

Scene 9: The MAC BLAST on Lily in slow motion - enjoy!!!

Download Lily #2 for $15.00

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M Lily 2 27

M Lily 2 74

M Lily 2 146

Lily’s third video!  Vibrator play and big Alex!

Lily the lithe, lean and luscious beauty is back for her FINAL video - and it is ALL HARDCORE action!!!

Lily is 26 but easily passes for early 20’s! Lily is mostly Italian and is 5’5” tall, with an all natural 34B-26-35 figure!! She’s got a great personality, is very “chatty” which makes for a great shoot as we learn a lot about her and her experiences etc …. She is extremely bright (she graduated magna cum laude - does that mean cum on my face?? and has a HOT and TIGHT/LEAN body.

Scene 1: Lily does a solo masturbation scene - first with the little pink vibrator. “I prefer real cocks” - well just wait…..for now have fun with the vibrator!! Lily has some nice meaty lips!! Lily gets on all fours and gives us some action from behind!

Scene 2: Now Lily takes on BIG BLUE - “that is some contraption, huh?” LOL Then Lily goes back to the pink one as she likes the “curve” on it that hits her G-spot. She works herself on the inside with the vibrator and the outside/clit with her other hand!! She has a big O - then pulls it out and licks her juices off the vibrator!!! “Now I’m all sticky…” LOL

Scene 3: Now it is time for ALEX with the BIG COCK to meet Lily!!! Alex starts out small, but Lily is on her knees and works her BJ magic!! Shot POV for some great action - watch her try to deep throat his big unit!!

Scene 4: More BJ action - Alex sits down for some more action - lots of talking about porn stars etc!! Lily is impressed by how thick Alex is!!

Scene 5: Time for some “69” action!!! Then it is time for Alex to fuck Lil’ Lily!! First missionary - Lily definitely likes Alex’s BIG dick!!!

Scene 6: Now it is time for Lily to get on top - whoa, does she know how to ride a cock!!! Then it is time for some reverse cowgirl - RIDE EM!!!!

Scene 7: Lily tries to teach Alex how to spoon - pretty funny and good amateur porn!! Then it is time for doggy!!! Then more missionary as Lily spreads her legs wide!!

Scene 8: Lily gets slammed from behind in the pile driver position!! Then some more BJ!! Lily is an ANIMAL!!! LOL

Scene 9: Lily finishes Alex off with a BJ - Alex delivers a BIG THICK LOAD to Lily’s face and mouth “nice aim” she says… LOL Then we watch her clean up the big mess - LOL

Scene 10: The Alex cumshot/facial in SLO MO!!!

Download Lily #3 for $20.00

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Lily Three 1

Lily Three 3

Lily Three 9

New from Exotic Allure!  Check out Kody’s Domination Video!

Here is a cute and sexy video of sexy babe Kody Evans dominating some poor/lucky guy.  She teases him, sits on his face, tickles him, and pats his dick.  Kody is a great tickler and her victim is having a great time.  Where do I get in line for that?

Download Kody’s Domination video (14 minutes) for $10.00

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EA Kody Dom 2

EA Kody Dom 10

EA Kody Dom 18

EA Kody Dom 27

EA Kody Dom 43

EA Kody Dom 80

Check out Arianna’s first video!

Arianna is from rural PA and we met up at a hotel (in the middle of nowhere) for a shoot. She is a petite girl (only 5’ tall and 95 pounds) but has a great set of boobs (36C) for such a small frame as you will see in her video! There are 11 scenes/outfits in this video - so there is bound to be something that Arianna wears that fits your fancy!

Scene 1: What Arianna wore to the shoot - a red t-shirt (that shows some tummy) and blue jeans. You’ll immediately see that she has a great smile and personality! We get a preview of her great butt during the all-fours posing scenes.

Scene 2: Brand new white jeans and a black mid-length top showing off her mid-section for you tummy fans! Some nice cleavage shots with this top - and we get to see her black thong on the low-riding white jeans!

Scene 3: Black strapless top and skirt.

Scene 4: Some sporty white shorts and a cute t-shirt (ripped and tied in the back) that shows off her bust and butt pretty well!

Scene 5: Arianna’s “flower” bikini - she FILLS it out WELL!!

Scene 6: Red lingerie and thong - her boobs are allowed to hang free in this outfit which provides some awesome “hanging” cleavage shots.

Scene 7: Grey bra and panties!!

Scene 8: Mac’s blue brazilian thong/string bikini!! WOW We see most of what Ari has to offer plus we get to see her tongue piercing!! We end the scene with topless from behind - but of course I get some good side shots of her boobs!!

Scene 9: Time for the yellow brazilian bikini!! Even less material to cover up Arianna’s chest!! Her nipples/areola are almost too big for this top!! More topless from behind with side shots and then a hand-bra to end the scene (she’s got TWO handfulls!!).

Scene 10: Mac’s white sheer lingerie top and pink thong. Her ample nipples and headlights are clearly evident through this top!!! Some incredible cleavage shots with this loose top!! More topless from behind, hand-bra and down to just 3 fingers to cover her goods!

Scene 11: Mac’s sheer blue lingerie outfit - we can clearly see her nipples and boobs through this top (and the thong doesn’t cover much either)!! We end the video with some nice closeup side shots of her boobs.

Download Arianna #1 for $10.00

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Download Arianna 3-pack (with Eve) for $35.00

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Arianna 5

Arianna 17

Arianna 40

Check out Arianna’s second video!

The cute and petite Arianna is back for the FULL MAC treatment. Arianna is only 5’ tall and 95 pounds but has a great set of boobs (36C) for such a small frame as you will see in her video!

This shoot is LONG - 11 scenes and over 70 minutes!!!

Scene 1: Arianna models the white sheer lingerie top with some red panties - you can see her nips /headlights and big boobs easily through this top!! Full topless at the end- nice big nips and areola on this girl!

Scene 2: Mac’s white “tear drop” brazilian bikini!! She’s hanging/busting out the sides of this top - lol!! Lots of “wardrobe malfunctions” in this scene so a lot of topless peeks during the scene and then topless at the end

Scene 3: Mac’s orange “sling shot” bikini!!! This top doesn’t stay in place on Arianna so it is basically a topless scene!

Scene 4: Ariaanna’s birthday suit - a FULL NUDE scene!!

Scene 5: Time for the MAC massage - first the back/butt of Arianna J

Scene 6: Now the front!! I suck on her great boobs and get her nips nice and hard - then it is time for the baby oil on the front J

Scene 7: Now time for the INTERNAL massage!! After the external massage Arianna is wet and ready to go! I work up to 3 fingers in this petite model, then at the end she work on herself using her own fingers!

Scene 8: Arianna get’s the MAC trademark put on her boobs! Then we go into a LONG BJ scene - Arianna is a real “hoover” or sucker (reminds me of Steph!) - lots of great suction sounds as she works on my tool!! She really knows how to use her tongue piercing too!!

Scene 9: The BJ continues!! I get her to try deepthroating but she is petite and doesn’t come close before gagging.

Scene 10: More great BJ action - this girl has some stamina - and who am I to complain?!?!

Scene 11: Time for the MAC blast!! Arianna take a huge dose of the MAC protein shake all over her face!! She towels off at the end!

Download Arianna #2 for $15.00

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Arianna 2258

Arianna 2303

Arianna 2341

Arianna and Eve “meat” Alex!  Super hot video!

The title of this video is “Eve and Arianna “meat” Alex” and brings some new features and additions to MAC shoots!! Alex is a buddy of mine who has always bragged about how all his girlfriends tell him “he should be in porn” because of his large “package” - LOL Well I decided to let Alex put his package on the line and see if he measures up to the job LOL I figured this would allow me to shoot full sex scenes with some models which everyone has been asking for and allow me to get some great close-ups of the action! Alex’s first shoot was with Arianna (the petite girl (only 5’ tall and 95 pounds) but has a great set of boobs (36C) for such a small frame as you will see in her video!) - but she wasn’t able to “handle” Alex very well and the shoot was cut short but still has some hot action and a nice facial!! Then Alex shot with Eve (the BIG boobed college girl!) who did an awesome shoot with Alex!!

Arianna “meats” Alex

Scene 1: Both Alex and Arianna are a bit nervous, but we start the action by Alex taking off Arianna’s clothes and revealing her ample boobs (turns out he is a “boob” man). He “fondles” her as he is undressing her to get some good feels in!! Then Arianna takes Alex’s clothes off, finally removing his boxers to reveal what at first is not very impressive. Then Arianna gives Alex a hand job (shot point of view POV of course!) and Alex starts to “wake up”. She keeps working on him and he keeps getting bigger!! Within minutes he is at full attention and we all see that his girlfriends were not lying!!! LOL

Scene 2: We switch to Arianna giving a BJ to Alex - more POV shots and also other angles - she can barely get the head in her mouth when he is fully hard!!

Scene 3: We move to the bed for more BJ action for some more POV action - watch Arianna struggle to handle Alex’s big tool LOL The plan was to have Alex f*%ck her silly but as you’ll see she is not able to handle him as her mouth is too small and she ends up actually cutting his dick and Alex is bleeding!! This is real amateur video as you will see!! LOL

Scene 4: The finish of the hand job scene. I told Alex to refrain from sex for a week so he would have a nice shot saved up - and as you’ll see he did!! A nice facial and full frontal cumshot from Alex - followed by footage of Arianna cleaning up the mess!!

Scene 5: The cumshot/facial is shown in super slow motion for your enjoyment LOL….

Eve "meats" Alex

While the shoot with Arianna didn’t go as planned, I decided to invite Eve back for a shoot that included a scene with Alex as I was pretty sure she would be up for the task!!

Scene 6: Alex takes Eve’s clothes off to reveal her huge boobs - then Eve returns the favor to reveal Alex’s already large asset LOL. Some great POV BJ action - Eve can definitely handle it - funny conversation too as they discuss the “problem” with Arianna LOL…

Scene 7: We move to the bed for some good old 69 action (a first for MAC videos!) - I get some great angles of the action

Scene 8: Now Eve prepares for another first for MAC videos - full sex scenes with Alex!! First up is “girl on top” as Eve mounts Alex, very slowly at first then faster as her creamy juices start streaming out - lots of great close-ups of the action!! Eve is in control and as you will see is pleasing herself with Alex’s member… This scene and this girl is HOT!!!

Scene 9: Next up is doggy position - Eve gets in the pile driver position and Alex starts ramming her good and she is screaming with pleasure - great shots of the action including Eve’s great boobs swinging away!! Eve is screaming and holding on to the bed for dear life!!! LOL Eve cums hard and takes a brief rest but then back to more doggy action!!

Scene 10: Now it is time for some old fashion missionary - Eve is on her back and gets pounded by Alex. More BJ action followed by more missionary. While we wanted to get a facial Alex had a bit of a malfunction and Eve ended up with a tummy covered in cum!!

Download Eve and Arianna for $20.00

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Eve Arianna 13

Eve Arianna 30

Eve Arianna 38

Mmm, wouldn’t you like to have Alana grinding on your lap?  I could get used to that.  Lovely Alana gets the camera guy warmed up with a hot lap dance, then she gives him an excellent blowjob.  Alana is smoking hot, she is real and genuine and really enjoys making these videos.  Every producer tries to make real videos with real amateurs, but Mac and HD are among the only ones that have succeeded.  Check this one out.

Download Alana’s BJ video (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Alana BJ 16

HD Alana BJ 26

HD Alana BJ 38

HD Alana BJ 50

HD Alana BJ 64

HD Alana BJ 83

HD Alana BJ 100

HD Alana BJ 110

HD Alana BJ 131

HD Alana BJ 148

HD Alana BJ 164

HD Alana BJ 181

This is a hot video.  Amanda D is new to modeling, but wants to give it a shot.  Her mission:  give Big T some head and play with a dildo.  Amanda gladly accepts her mission and gets down to business.  She starts giving head while fully dressed and gradually gets her clothes off.  Amanda is very cute and has a great body and she knows what she is doing.  After some nice sucking, Amanda gets out the purple dildo and gives it a good workout.  Afterwards, she gets back to the BJ and finishes him off.  I love these videos.  We get to watch some very hot women doing what comes naturally.  Check this one out.

Download Amanda D’s 50-minute video for $10.00

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HD Amanda D 3

HD Amanda D 7

HD Amanda D 45

HD Amanda D 63

HD Amanda D 82

HD Amanda D 106

HD Amanda D 115

HD Amanda D 127

HD Amanda D 146

HD Amanda D 190

HD Amanda D 203

HD Amanda D 253

HD Amanda D 287

HD Amanda D 295

Here is a fun little treat for you.  Gorgeous Cristina comes over and gives the camera guy a great blowjob.  Cristina is a lovely lady and I think her boobs are amazing.  She shows a lot of talent and enthusiasm here and gives us an excellent video to enjoy.

Download Cristina’s BJ Video (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Cristina BJ 2

HD Cristina BJ 16

HD Cristina BJ 24

HD Cristina BJ 42

HD Cristina BJ 70

HD Cristina BJ 72

HD Cristina BJ 111

HD Cristina BJ 123

Alana is my favorite HD Amateur model, so I was pretty happy to see this video surface.  Alana is beautiful and she is shy enough to make her videos really exciting.  She starts off this video with some rubbing and gets some help from the camera guy.  After that, she gets a purple dildo and starts masturbating with it.  She gives the camera guy a little bit of head at the end.  That must be a house rule or something.  Anyway, this is a hot little video with a hot little model.  Check it out.

Download Alana’s Dildo video (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Alana Dildo 3

HD Alana Dildo 10

HD Alana Dildo 38

HD Alana Dildo 69

HD Alana Dildo 77

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HD Alana Dildo 152

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HD Alana Dildo 161

Jessica is one of the cutest and sexiest chicks on the internet.  This video is a very sexy snack.  No intricate plot lines here, just a hot babe giving head and taking the load afterwards.  I love watching Jessica in action.  She always looks like she is having the time of her life.  She is perfect for these videos.

Download Jessica’s BJ video (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Jessica BJ 12

HD Jessica BJ 23

HD Jessica BJ 31

HD Jessica BJ 75

HD Jessica BJ 80

HD Jessica BJ 112

HD Jessica BJ 125

HD Jessica BJ 154

Sexy chick Isabella starts out this video by giving the camera guy some great head.  After a few minutes of this, she lays down on the bed and gets a very sexy lotion rubdown.  I like how Isabella enjoys this, she is full of smiles.  As a reward, she gives some more great head and then lets the camera guy rub his junk on her pussy.  This is a fun and sexy video.

Download Isabella’s BJ video (40 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Isabella BJ 2

HD Isabella BJ 10

HD Isabella BJ 60

HD Isabella BJ 75

HD Isabella BJ 94

HD Isabella BJ 132

HD Isabella BJ 150

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HD Isabella BJ 200

HD Isabella BJ 237

This is a really fun and sexy video.  Here is Ally’s audition tape.  She is a bombshell and I love watching her videos.  Ally shows up for her audition and does a little dancing while she waits for the camera guy to get ready.  Then she gets on the bed to start her audition.  Ally gradually gets naked and the camera guy gets closer and more friendly as they get more comfortable with each other.  I love to watch the interaction.  Ally is definitely into it and shows us a great preview of things to come.  Check this one out.

Download Ally’s Audition (30 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Ally Audition 2

HD Ally Audition 15

HD Ally Audition 11

HD Ally Audition 28

HD Ally Audition 40

HD Ally Audition 59

HD Ally Audition 87

HD Ally Audition 99

HD Ally Audition 120

HD Ally Audition 131

HD Ally Audition 147

HD Ally Audition 152

HD Ally Audition 160

HD Ally Audition 180

Check out first-time model Victoria!

Victoria is a supercute 22 year old college senior (originally from BRAZIL!!) - 5’7” and 120 pounds - she was doing an internship (not getting paid) and answered an ad on Craigslist for a MAC modeling shoot to make some $$ before she went back to school!! She only sent me one picture and I immediately said YES LET”S SHOOT!!! This is her FIRST TIME doing any kind of modeling!!! We had to shoot after work but she was a real pleasure to work with - as you will see!!! She is very shy, does not think she is that attractive (WHAT?) and she thinks she is fat (HUH???) - go figure…..if you ask me she is PERFECT - I think you will agree!! During the shoot I found out she is from BRAZIL and moved here when she was 14 - she doesn’t have much of an accent (except when she speaks Portuguese of course) but she definitely has a HOT BRAZILIAN BODY!!! Lots of great conversation so the scenes are long!

Scene 1: What Victoria wore to work and showed up to at the shoot wearing!!! Some old jeans, flip flops and a cute black top that shows off her cleavage!!

Scene 2: Some tight/super short jean shorts and a tight red tank top

Scene 3: Caramel skirt and white top with a nice plunging neckline!!

Scene 4: Purple top (with no bra!) with white shorts!

Scene 5: White tube top (no bra that gives a great look at her headlights!!!) and some tight/short blue shorts!!

FOUR additional “BEHIND THE SCENES” scenes - watch Victoria pick out her outfits then I follow her into the bathroom and get footage of her changing outfits!!!

Download Victoria’s video for $10.00

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Download Victoria’s 3-pack special for $35.00

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Victoria 10

Victoria 13

Victoria 25

Victoria Volume 2:  Victoria gets fully nude!

Victoria the supercute 22 year old college senior from Brazil is BACK!!! Everyone LOVED her first volume and BEGGED for more - well here you go!! LOTS OF TOPLESS AND FULL NUDE - plus Behind the Scenes of course!!!

Scene 1: Victoria models her own black bikini - it is HOT, but she likes REAL Brazilian bikinis - well luckily I’ve got some for her!!! We get a lesson in Brazilian bikinis from Victoria! The top comes OFF for some great shots of her AWESOME BOOBS from the sides in the cops pose!!!

Scene 2: Time for MAC’s brazilian bikini - first the yellow one!!! SHE LOVES IT!!!! And gives me a high 5 LOL - And looks great in it!!! Her headlights are definitely showing through!! The top comes off for some FULL TOPLESS- we finally get to see her great boobs and nipples - you are in for a real treat!!!

Scene 3: Now it is the white teardrop bikini!! Victoria strikes a pose for us too!!! She is such a natural cutie you will just DIE!! MORE GREAT TOPLESS ACTION!!

Scene 4: The orange slingshot!!!! Some great upclose shots of her perfrect boobs/nipples from different angles!!

Scene 5: FULL NUDE!! Victoria takes her measurements for us since she doesn’t know them!!! She is wearing glasses now and LOOKS HOT!!! All the poses etc. fully nude - what a treat!!!

FOUR additional “BEHIND THE SCENES” scenes - watch Victoria change outfits and put on the bikinis!!! Lots of peeks of her amazing body!!!

Download Victoria #2 for $15.00

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Victoria 2602

Victoria 23

Victoria 24

Victoria Volume 3:  Sexy oil massage and killer blowjob!

I don’t have Mac’s official description for this video, but will post it when he sends it.

Victoria’s third video contains 11 scenes.  Our first-time model gets fully nude and gets a very hot baby oil massage.  Her boobs are amazingly firm.

After Victoria gets pleasured, it is time to take care of good ol’ Mac!  She gives him a smoking hot blowjob and gets the usual reward.  This chick really knows how to please a man.

I love Mac’s videos when he gets a first-timer to go so far, and such a lovely one as well. 

Download Victoria #3 for $20.00

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M Victoria 3 13

M Victoria 3 43

M Victoria 3 159

Here is part 3 of Jessica and Isabella’s first modeling session.  Isabella does some nude modeling for us and shows off her hot body and then the fun really starts.  Jessica is ready to get lotion rubbed on her by Big T, which is totally different from having her friend rub it on her.  You can see how Jessica is apprehensive but exicited about it.  Her reactions are priceless as Big T starts rubbing lotion and fondling her.  You can see that her pussy lips are already opening before he starts fingering.  Jessica gives him a nice blowjob for his efforts.  This video is smoking hot, one of the best amateur porn scenes I have ever scene.  I put it up there with Mac’s best stuff.

Download Jessica Isabella #3 (33 minutes) for $10.00

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HD Jessica Isabella 3 3

HD Jessica Isabella 3 23

HD Jessica Isabella 3 54

HD Jessica Isabella 3 71

HD Jessica Isabella 3 96

HD Jessica Isabella 3 108

HD Jessica Isabella 3 119

HD Jessica Isabella 3 131

HD Jessica Isabella 3 135

HD Jessica Isabella 3 138

HD Jessica Isabella 3 148

HD Jessica Isabella 3 163

HD Jessica Isabella 3 171

HD Jessica Isabella 3 180

HD Jessica Isabella 3 187

HD Jessica Isabella 3 199

Watch first-time models Jessica and Isabella get nude for HD Amateur Auditions!

Woo-hoo, two hotties for the price of one!  Sexy babes Jessica and Isabella want to try out some modeling.  They each do a short introduction and then get down to modeling.  Most of the posing is with the two ladies together.  Both Jessica and Isabella are very hot and they seem to be into each other.  We get to watch some nice fondling and kissing and then we get to see both ladies fully nude.  A very satisfying video with two first-time models.

Download Jessica and Isabella’s 85-minute video for $10.00

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Jessica Isabella 6

Jessica Isabella 75

Jessica Isabella 132

Jessica Isabella 171

Jessica Isabella 202

Jessica Isabella 232

Jessica Isabella 250

Jessica Isabella 260

Jessica Isabella 303

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Jessica Isabella 383

Jessica Isabella 399

Jessica Isabella 441

Jessica Isabella 456

Jessica Isabella 477

Jessica Isabella 508

HD Amateur Auditions has a hot new model!  Check out lovely Alana!

Welcome to Alana’s first video for HD Amateur Auditions.  Big T has found another winner for us.  Alana is a lovely local babe who wants to try modeling.  She is gorgeous with beautiful eyes and an amazing booty.  I love watching the body language in this video.  Alana starts out all hunched over with her legs crossed.  It takes a few minutes to get her loosened up enough to start posing.  It is fun to watch Alana opening up with some more daring poses and some very nice smiles.  As usual, the camera guy gives the model plenty of help with her posing, making sure those poses are just right.

Download Alana’s first 60-minute video for $10.00

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HD Alana 13

HD Alana 72

HD Alana 76

HD Alana 118

HD Alana 128

HD Alana 141

HD Alana 161

HD Alana 150

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HD Alana 192

HD Alana 203

HD Alana 212

HD Alana 246

HD Alana 257

HD Alana 267

HD Alana 304

HD Alana 331

HD Alana 341

Check out Ally’s first video for HD Amateur Auditions!

Ally is a stunning young lady.  She has a beautiful body, nice big boobs and a killer booty.  Ally shows up for her first sexy glamour shoot with Big T.  She is not shy at all and starts undressing and showing off her body.  The camera guy even gives her a hand with her wardrobe, getting her skirt in just the right position and helping her get her panties down.  What a nice guy.  The shoots gets racier and racier and the camera guy ends up giving Ally an erotic oil massage and she is loving it.  You never know how these shoots will go and that is half the fun.

Download Ally’s first 60-minute video for $10.00

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Ally 9

Ally 34

Ally 46

Ally 47

Ally 59

Ally 70

Ally 83

Ally 89

Ally 99

Ally 121

Ally 151

Ally 159

Ally 166

Ally 184

Ally 200

Ally 211

Ally 331

Ally 350

Ally 372

Ally 381

Jenna Volume 4:  Little Jenna “meats” big Alex!

Scene 1: Jenna meets ALEX for the first time - it is pretty funny as she is very short!! It takes about 1 minute for Jennas clothes to come off (Alex is impressed by her petite busty body!) then it is time for Jenna to take Alex’s clothes off - she is IMPRESSED with his big TOOL - TOO FUNNY!!!! She gets on her knees and starts working on his BIG UNIT - she has some serious talent in handling it!! Good sucking and ball attention by Jenna!!

Scene 2: The BJ continues - she does an amazing job on his cock for such a little chick!!!

Scene 3: Alex sits down and the BJ continues - some great funny conversation “how did it get so big?”LOL - Jenna uses her boobs on him, tries to deep throat him (you gotta see this!)!!

Scene 4: more titty fucking by Jenna “it’s too big”LOL - Alex then unloads a BIG LOAD on Jenna’s waiting face and OPEN mouth!! AWESOME!! Then we follow her off to cleanup LOL.

Scene 5: The ALEX cumshot in SLOW MOTION!! A Classic!!

Scene 6: Alex and Jenna are back for some SERIOUS SEX!! They start out with some 69 action!! Jenna had never done 69 before!!! She take him REALLY DEEP in this position!!

Scene 7: Now it is time for some SEX!! First up is missionary - as we see Jenna is an absolute nympho and likes em BIG - she is in heaven!!

Scene 8: Next is girl on top!! Some GREAT action and closeups!!

Scene 9: Time for REVERSE COWGIRL!!! WHOA!!

Scene 10: Now it is DOGGY time!! Jenna is an ANIMAL - and we find out doggy is her FAVORITE!!

Scene 11: So MORE DOGGY!!

Scene 12: They finish up with more missionary with Alex dropping his next LOAD on Jenna’s TUMMY!!!

Download Jenna #4 for $20.00

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M Jenna 4 6

M Jenna 4 31

M Jenna 4 23

Brea Volume #4!  Amazing video, one of Mac’s best ever!

Big Boobed BREA is BACK for her FINAL Farewell - and she goes ALL THE WAY!!!!!! Brea is a 20 year old FIRST TIME model with ALL NATURAL 34DD’s!!! OMG these things are real BEAUTIES!!!! Brea said before the shoot that she would probably be the most inexperienced (sexually) model that I’ve ever shot!! Brea experiences several “firsts” during the shoot!! In volume 4 she does solo masturbation with TOYS, gets 2 BIG cocks to work with including 2 BJ‘s, sex and 3 cumshots!!….is she up for the challenge?? LOL

Scene 1: We start with Brea solo - masturbation, first with MAC’s little pink vibrator!!

Scene 2: Brea moves on to “BIG BLUE” but ends up liking the pink one more!!

Scene 3: Brea meets a new “stunt cock” to MAC videos - Elliot!!! You will be seeing a lot more of Elliot as he can really please the girls with his surprisingly HUGE cock - 10 full inches and THICK!!! Brea gives him a great BJ with him standing and she is on her knees. Then watch Elliot titty fuck those enormous boobs!!!

Scene 4: Elliot’s BJ continues….he ends up throat fucking her, she is gagging and her eyes are watering!!! Elliot gives her a great facial - then we watch her clean up the mess!

Scene 5: Elliots facial in SLOW MOTION - it is classic - his first shot goes about 6 feet, over her head onto the bed!! She ends up covered - doing open mouth too!!!

Scene 6: After a break, Brea didn’t want to do sex with Elliot because of his size - LOL but we finally convince her to give it a go!! They start off doing 69 - she had never done it before!! You’ll see she stops the action because it is too big… LOL but she continues!! Watch her take the biggest cock she has ever seen!! First missionary - and she is starting to enjoy it!!

Scene 7: Next up is doggy position - watch those hooters swing and sway!!! Then some girl on top and more missionary - you will see that Elliot can definitely “handle” the workload!! LOL

Scene 8: more sex scenes with some new and great positions - ending with another cumshot on her boobs/tummy - then some good after cumshot behind the scenes footage!

Scene 9: Watch Elliots second blast on Brea in slo motion!!

Scene 10: Alex then shows up for a BJ scene with Brea - he starts off small (Brea thought it was going to be easy going after Elliot) but soon she finds out he is BIG too!! LOL

Scene 11: Alex BJ continues with a GREAT cumshot/facial!!!

Scene 12: Watch the Alex cumshot in slow motion!!

Download Brea #4 for $25.00

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Brea 4 6 (2)

Brea 4 39 (2)

Brea 4 25

This video is smoking hot!  Sexy blonde Corrine is back and she has brought her friend Astrid with her.  Astrid has never modeled, but she is very hot for Corrine, so she agreed to appear on camera.  The camera guy just turned on the camcorder and watched nature take its course.  Astrid and Corrine look perfect together.  They start with some petting and rubbing, and move on to sucking boobs and rubbing lotion.  Everything is very natural and spontaneous, just what we are always looking for.  This one is a classic.

Download Corrine PV1 (45 minutes) for $20.00

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SM Corrine PV1 6

SM Corrine PV1 15

SM Corrine PV1 25

SM Corrine PV1 43

SM Corrine PV1 51

SM Corrine PV1 63

SM Corrine PV1 72

SM Corrine PV1 84

SM Corrine PV1 95

SM Corrine PV1 104

SM Corrine PV1 111

SM Corrine PV1 121

SM Corrine PV1 144

SM Corrine PV1 170

SM Corrine PV1 199

SM Corrine PV1 270

Check out Sandlmodels Lalana Nude Video!

This video will rock your world.  I have known about it for awhile, but never expected to be able to post it.  Lalana is one of the best-known internet models and all of us have wanted to see her nude for a long time.  Well, here you go.  Lalana shows us everything and she is a truly beautiful young lady.  The video gets even better when the camera guy gets his hand on her beautiful bubble butt. 

Download Lalana’s Nude Video (75 minutes) for  $50.00

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SM Lalana Nude 4

SM Lalana Nude 23

SM Lalana Nude 60

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SM Lalana Nude 469

SM Lalana Nude 485

New from Exotic Allure!  Check out Aria Alexander’s first time on video!

Aria started out modeling as Sasha Nexx.  This is her first video for Exotic Allure and I am pretty sure it is her first time on video.  This video is really hot.  Sasha is gorgeous and the more I looked, the more I liked.  She has a tight, firm body and a lovely face.  Her eyes and smile will light up your day.  Sasha does 3 great modeling scenes, getting fully nude for us.  I loved the lakeside setting and wonder who was getting a free show that day. 

Download Sasha’s 35-minute video for $15.00

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EA Sasha 3

EA Sasha 47

EA Sasha 66

EA Sasha 96

EA Sasha 106

EA Sasha 136

EA Sasha 140

EA Sasha 183

EA Sasha 193

EA Sasha 197

Sandlmodels Katie Cummings #2 (60 minutes)   $20.00

Katie Cummings is back for another video for Sandlmodels and it turned into a wild one. This shoot started out like any other lingerie shoot, but she seemed to lose focus on her poses. When the photographer talked to her about it, she explained that she was really horny and getting distracted. He told her to just do what she wanted to do, so she got out her favorite toy and went to town. Afterwards, she took a nice shower and left the shoot with a big smile on her face. This video shoot didn't go anything like it was planned, but the results are pretty incredible.

Members enter here

SM Yelein 2 4

SM Yelein 2 6

SM Yelein 2 28

SM Yelein 2 53

SM Yelein 2 80

SM Yelein 2 88

SM Yelein 2 115

SM Yelein 2 114

SM Yelein 2 149

SM Yelein 2 175

SM Yelein 2 200

SM Yelein 2 261

SM Yelein 2 347

SM Yelein 2 378

Sandlmodels Kelly D PV7 (15 minutes)   $10.00

Woo-hoo, I am glad to be able to post this video.  Sexy babe Kelly D does a personal masturbation scene and we get to watch.  She does a lot of talking and looking at the camera and it is very hot.  You just never know what videos will be unearthed and released.

Members enter here

SM Kelly D Mast 1

SM Kelly D Mast 3

SM Kelly D Mast 7

SM Kelly D Mast 20

SM Kelly D Mast 54

SM Kelly D Mast 87

Aubrey Volume 2:  Aubrey is back and she gets blasted!

Super cute first-time model Aubrey is back and now she gets to the good stuff.  In her first video, we got to meet Aubrey and check out her hot body.  In this video, Aubrey does the Mac shoot.

Aubrey starts out with an amazing masturbation scene, fingering herself and using the Big Blue vibrator to great effect.  She gets off big-time and leaves a big wet spot.

Now it is time to take care of good ole Mac!  Aubrey gets down and shows off her considerable cock-sucking skills, ending up with a huge Mac-blast for her efforts.  A second camera is set up so we can watch the action from the side.

It is great to see Aubrey back and this video is worth the wait.

Download Aubrey #2 (99 minutes) for $20.00

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M Aubrey 2 330

Becca #3:  Great blowjob!

Mac sure knows how to finish a shoot the right way.  In Becca’s earlier videos, she did a great job and had a lot of fun and now it is time to show Mac her blowjob skills.  As you can see, busty redhead Becca has excellent BJ skills.

Download Becca’s third video for $15.00

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Becca 3 5

Becca 3 7

Becca 3 18

Becca 3 55

Becca 3 91

Becca 3 105

Exotic Allure Sasha Nexx (Aria Alexander) Blowjobs (18 minutes)   $20.00

What is better than watching Sasha give a BJ?  Two BJ’s, of course.  Enjoy the show.

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EA Sasha BJ 3

EA Sasha BJ 20

EA Sasha BJ 59

EA Sasha BJ 76

EA Sasha BJ 81

EA Sasha BJ 86

Krysta and Heather!  Two hotties together!

This is a great video, two stone hotties, sexy young MILF Krysta and super-babe Heather M, get together to have some fun.  You can tell immediately that both chicks are really into each other.

Krysta and Heather start off with a very sexy shower, not even waiting to start the make out session until they get to the bedroom.

Heather goes down on Krysta and pleases her with toys.  You can see by Krysta’s face that she is really getting off on this.  Krysta returns the favor for Heather and everyone ends up happy and satisfied. 

Watching two girls together is always fun, but when both chicks are really getting into it, it becomes smoking hot.

Download Krysta and Heather’s video (55 minutes) for $15.00

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Krysta Heather 1 (2)

Krysta Heather 2

Krysta Heather 8 (2)

Krysta Heather 16 (2)

Krysta Heather 26

Krysta Heather 36 (2)

Krysta Heather 44 (2)

Krysta Heather 56 (2)

Krysta Heather 64

Krysta Heather 78 (2)

Krysta Heather 100 (2)

Krysta Heather 150

Krysta Heather 170

Krysta Heather 177

Krysta Heather 244

Aubrey Vol. 1:  Sexy first-time model!

Aubrey is a super cute first time model - she is 24 yo (but looks MUCH younger!!), 5’7” tall with a lean and tight 36B-25-35 body and NO TATTOOS!! She quit her well paying job as a loan processor and needed some rent money (LUCKY FOR US!!). Shot in FULL HD!!

Scene 1: What Aubrey wore to the shoot - slippers, holey jeans and a sweatshirt top. She signs the model release and we start the modeling action!!

Scene 2: Sleeveless summer dress!! Such beautiful eyes, cute girl next door look - YUM!!

Scene 3: White short shorts (talk about cute little butt!!) and a cropped red top (NO BRA!!!) - I think I’m in love with her!!! She got a great body from playing lacrosse!!! Good to know she has experience and talent in handling a STICK - LOL You can tell from her braless top she has some super perky and firm boobs!!! Great down the blouse shots with this top!! FLAT TUMMY LOVERS will LOVE Aubrey!!

Scene 4: Summer paisley top and denim shorts!! NO BRA again - with boobs like hers, who needs one!!

Scene 5: Another summer top and shorts!! Low cut and NO BRA of course!!

Scene 6: SUPER SHEER yellow top and shorts - “I usually wear a bra with this” - but not at the MAC shoot!!! YEEEHAWWW!! Her high beams are shining brightly and are magnificent. Legs to die for too!!!! The top comes off at the end of the scene!!! OH MY!!!!

Scene 7: Aubrey’s BIRTHDAY SUIT - you gotta see this…… speechless, priceless…….

Bonus Scene: BTS compilation - 7 minutes of Aubrey changing outfits between the scenes!!

Download Aubrey’s first video for $15.00

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M Aubrey 55

M Aubrey 63

M Aubrey 80

M Aubrey 98

M Aubrey 132

M Aubrey 159

M Aubrey 169

M Aubrey 195

M Aubrey 226

Amanda Volume 3:  Super Hot Sex!

Amanda the 20 year old cutie from Ohio is BACK!! She is only 5’2” and 105 pounds with some cute 32B titties. She is lean and tight - it is hard to believe that she is a MILF!!! OVER ONE HOUR of BOY/GIRL BJ and SEX!! This is probably the HOTTEST boy/girl video I’ve shot yet!!!

Scene 1: Amanda and Elliot get to know each other - she is impressed by his BIG COCK!! Her bf is not too big, so you can tell she is excited to work with his 10 inches of MAN MEAT!! She gets him HARD in no time and gives a great BJ with him laying on the bed - her small hand barely fits around his BIG ROD!

Scene 2: now Amanda kneels and tries to deep throat Elliot “It is definitely bigger than what I’m used to!!” LOL Elliot then unloads a nice thick load all over Amanda’s face!!! Some great shots of her face covered with his gooey protein!!!!

Scene 3: Elliot’s facial in SLO MOTION!!

Scene 4: After taking a smoke break, Elliot and Amanda are back for some HOT FUCKING!! They start with 69 to get Elliot “ready” LOL - great camera angles and closeups!!

Scene 5: First up is GIRL ON TOP and she rides him good!! WHOA, you won’t believe how she rides that big dick and doesn’t get tired!!

Scene 6: Now for some fast and furious missionary - she is MOANING, GROANING and SCREAMING!!

Scene 7: Some more unique positions and then DOGGY!!!

Scene 8: The action continues!! Pile driver etc -

Scene 9: More great action in this marathon session, then she gets back on TOP - she is the energizer bunny, she’s never had a BIG COCK and she is gonna use it and enjoy it as much as she can!!!

Scene 10: More action and then a second cumshot all over Amanda’s tummy!!!

Scene 11: The second cumshot in SLO MO!!

Download Amanda #3 for $20.00

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Amanda 3 1

Amanda 3 6

Amanda 3 20

Amanda 3 38

Amanda 3 70

Amanda 3 130

Amanda 3 164

Amanda 3 185

Amanda 3 183

Amanda Volume 2:  Full Mac massage and big blue!

Amanda the 20 year old cutie from Ohio is BACK!! She is only 5’2” and 105 pounds with some cute 32B titties. She is lean and tight - it is hard to believe that she is a MILF!!! A proud mother of 2 girls!! She has a great/bubbly personality too!!! Modeling bikinis, FULL NUDE, gymnastic poses (NUDE!), and a FULL MAC MASSAGE that is one of the HOTTEST ONES YET!!! Also, 3 great Behind the Scenes too!!!

Scene 1: Amanda models the yellow brazilian bikini!! More great conversation from talkative Amanda. Then she does a hand bra scene for us!!!

Scene 2: Time for the white “tear drop” bikini!!! The top comes off for full topless action from Amanda!!

Scene 3: The orange “slingshot” bikini!!! Lots of “slips” LOL The top comes down for lots of angles and closeups of Amanda’s girls.

Scene 4: Amanda’s BIRTHDAY SUIT - all the poses NUDE!! It’s a long scene - 10 minutes!!! Then Amanda shows off her flexible body - puts her legs behind her head!!! OMG what a great pose with a wide open shot of her plump pu$$y!!! Then an upclose tour of Amanda’s body!!!

Scene 5: Time for a BACK massage from MAC!!!

Scene 6: MAC gets to suck on Amanda’s boobs!!!! J Then it is time to oil up the front of Amanda for the frontal massage!!! After working her front good MAC goes for the gold……

Scene 7: The INTERNAL massage!!! Whoa is Amanda ready for MAC’s probing fingers!! She is well lubed and loves the FULL MAC MASSAGE!! She really gets into it - her hips start thrusting, she starts fondling her boobs and then she starts working on her love button as MAC is deep into her!!

Scene 8: The “massage” continues - it is a LONG one!! MAC starts working her HARD and FAST!!! I then really HIT her SPOT and she starts really moaning and groaning - this is HOTTT!!! She is screaming for a big cock!!! So she settles for a vibrator instead!! She takes the little pink one and starts working her clit - it is not fast enough for her so she takes the BIG BLUE and LOVES IT as it gives her a BIG O!!!

BONUS - 3 “Behind the Scenes” of Amanda changing between scenes!!

Download Amanda #2 for $15.00

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M Amanda 2 29

M Amanda 2 36

M Amanda 2 49

M Amanda 2 83

M Amanda 2 95

M Amanda 2 115

M Amanda 2 187

M Amanda 2 200

M Amanda 2 230

M Amanda 2 250

M Amanda 2 290

Amanda Volume 1:  Cute young MILF!

I just love shooting young, cute, petite models and after last weeks release of Amber D so do the MAC fans, well we are all in luck as last week I had a shoot with a 20 year old cutie Amanda who hails from Ohio - she is only 5'2" and 105 pounds with some cute 32B titties. She is lean and tight - it is hard to believe that she is a MILF!!! A proud mother of 2 girls!! She has a great/bubbly
personality too!!! She loves to shop for clothes and brought a lot of brand new outfits to model for the MAC shoot. She has done some simple modeling before but NOTHING like a MAC shoot!!! Lots of great conversation about her likes/dislikes, shopping, about her pregnancy and birth etc etc

Scene 1: What Amanda wore on the plane - a tight purple top and jeans. We get to see her tongue ring - very cute!!!

Scene 2: Cute brown top and some jean shots - you'll see that Amanda has a great butt!!!

Scene 3: A pink/white striped top and tank top with a jean skirt!!

Scene 4: A Jack Daniels tiny and tight t-shirt and cute khaki shorts - she got the t-shirt from someone she chatted to online!!  LOL I get her to take off her bra during the scene (it is a cute VS one too).

Scene 5: The JD scene continues (it is a long one - a cute outfit and great conversation!!).

Scene 6: Cute low cut yellow top and jean capris. Some nice down shirt shots and butt shots!! She cracks her neck and back during the scene!! She was a gymnast!!!

Scene 7: A really cute summer purple dress!!!

Scene 8: MAC's blue brazilian thong bikini!! Amanda likes it and it looks great on her lean and petite body!! I get her top off for some topless from behind and sides!!!!

Download Amanda’s first video for $10.00

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M Amanda 2

M Amanda 58

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M Amanda 213

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M Amanda 315

M Amanda 339

Kim Volume 5:  Kim gets well-fucked!

Woo-hoo, I stumbled across these files a week ago.  I didn’t even know I still had them.

Super hot Kim gets well-fucked in all positions and shows off her cocksucking skills for us.  She is dynamite.  I sure wish she would have gone into the adult business.

Download Kim #5 for $20.00

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Kim 5 9

Kim 5 29

Kim 5 32

Kim 5 43

Kim 5 46

Kim 5 49

Kim 5 104

Kim 5 94

Kim 5 83

Kim 5 187

Kim 5 199

Kim 5 238

Heather V Volume 4 - Beauty Queen Talent? BJ’s!!!

Fans of Heather V know she has competed in several state beauty contests - if she was able to show her BJ TALENTS off to the judges she would have won HANDS DOWN!!! This girl has the SKILLS and just LOVES to SUCK COCK!! DEEPTHROAT?? HELL YES!!!!

You know the MAC drill - the model shows up and does the first modeling scene and then it is time to get on your knees and give MAC a BJ!! Heather starts in the first outfit from volume 1 so I have not seen her NUDE yet….. Scenes 1 to 3 are POV - first clothed, then bra/panty, then NUDE. Scenes 4-5 are the BJ from the tripod on the side. Scene 6 is at the end of the shoot - I recovered enough to deserve another BJ from the beauty queen - this time fully nude on the bed!!

This girl is TALENTED - can’t wait to see what else she has in store for her fans!!!

Download Heather V #4 for $20.00

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M Heather V 4 2

M Heather V 4 8

M Heather V 4 32

M Heather V 4 108

M Heather V 4 159

M Heather V 4 187

M Heather V 4 208

M Heather V 4 251

Becca Volume 2:  Full body massage and a killer BJ!

BUSTY BECCA is BACK!!! Becca is a 21 year old local cutie with 30G (yes that is NOT a misprint!!) BOOBS!!! And they are STILL GROWING - she said she was a C cup when she graduated college, then went to D and DD - then recently that didn’t fit so she went and got measured/fitted professionally and they told her she was a 30G!!!! She is only 5’2” tall, 30G-27-36 RED HEAD, jewish girl (you know what they say…) with some AMAZING TA TA ssss.. She also has BRACES so she even looks YOUNGER!!!


Scene 1: Becca gets the “back” massage!!!

Scene 2: MAC sucks on those ENORMOUS BOOBS!! Then Becca gets her front oiled up and those BOOBS get massaged GOOD!!

Scene 3: More BOOB action and then the INTERNAL massage!!

Scene 4: Becca uses BIG BLUE vibrator!!

Scene 5: BJ TIME!!! MAC gets a GREAT BJ from the red head jewish girl with braces!! She is fully clothed to start!!

Scene 6: More BJ action

Scene 7: The BJ action continues!!!

Scene 8: Becca goes down to bra and panties and the BJ continues!!

Scene 9: Now the bra and panties come off!! MORE BJ action!!

Scene 10: More BJ action - you will LOVE her deepthroating and EYE CONTACT!!

Scene 11: The BJ concludes with a MAC BLAST on Becca’s face - wait till you see her reaction to that!!!

Scene 12: The MAC BLAST in SLOW MOTION!!

Scenes 13 to 16: The BJ shot from the side!!!!

Download Becca #2 for $20.00

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Becca 2 1

Becca 2 50

Becca 2 46

Becca 2 108

Becca 2 71

Becca 2 79

Becca 2 103

Becca 2 130

Becca 2 270

Becca Volume 1:  Cute redhead with huge boobs!

Becca is a 21 year old local cutie with 30G (yes that is NOT a misprint!!) BOOBS!!! And they are STILL GROWING - she said she was a C cup when she graduated college, then went to D and DD - then recently that didn’t fit so she went and got measured/fitted professionally and they told her she was a 30G!!!! She is only 5’2” tall, 30G-27-36 RED HEAD, Jewish girl (you know what they say…) with some AMAZING TA TA s.. She also has BRACES so she even looks YOUNGER!!! She has done some simple modeling but NOTHING like a MAC SHOOT - but she needed the money so ME and YOU got LUCKY!!! I got stuck in traffic and was an hour late (usually it is the models that are late) so we didn’t have much time (and she didn’t bring many outfits) so there is plenty of topless/nude in volume 1!!

Scene 1: What Becca wore to the shoot!

Scene 2: Becca models some black lingerie - WHOA!! And only the second scene!!

Scene 3: The blue Brazilian bikini!! This one was so crazy we didn’t even try the other ones!!

Scene 4: the scene with the blue bikini continues!!

Scene 5: The blue lace lingerie - she is BUSTING out of the top!!! LOL Some good “slips” in this outfit!!

Scene 6: Now the top comes off!! A great long topless scene!!

Scene 7: a tight tank top and panties!! More topless action with lots of closeups/angles of her BOOBS - she licks them for us too!!

Scene 8: Becca’s birthday suit - FULL NUDE scene!! She jumps on the bed and shakes her boobs for the camera!!

THREE additional “BEHIND THE SCENES” scenes - wait till you see Becca changing outfits and getting glimpses of her AMAZING boobs!!!

Download Becca’s first video for $15.00

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Becca 10

Becca 13

Becca 14

Becca 20

Becca 18

Becca 26

Becca 27

Becca 15

Becca 28

Lisa Volume 1:  Cute first-time model!

Brand New Model - LISA!! Lisa is 18 yo and just graduated high school and going to be a computer science engineer major in the fall - on a scholarship!!! Beauty and Brains - why didn’t the nerdy/smart girls look like this when I was in school??? LOL She is a real natural in front of the camera - loves doing and making up new poses etc!!! Lisa is 5’2”, 34B-29-36, blonde and FIT (she thinks she is fat???). She has done a few still photo shoots but this is her FIRST and only VIDEO shoot!!! You will love her bubbly personality and cute “giggly” laugh!!

Scene 1: White tank top and jean shorts! Great conversation, smile, cute freckles and smoking bod - some glimpses of her cleavage!!

Scene 2: Black dress (and no bra)!! It is getting HOT in the hotel room!! Lisa does some self posing on the couch!! Off to the bed for more posing and better shots of her cleavage!

Scene 3: Tube top and tight gym shorts - OMG….. this is a loonnngggg scene!! Lisa comes up with some new poses showing off her gymnastic abilities!!! more “free style” posing on the bed - this girl is FLEXIBLE!!!

Scene 4: Gym shorts with matching sports bra!!!

Scene 5: The yellow brazilian bikini!!! WOW!!! Lisa says she would NOT wear this out - but WE get to see her in it!!!! The TOP comes off to reveal her AMAZING boobs!! Lisa’s “girls” are firm and perky with LARGE PUFFY NIPPLES/AREOLA - I’m in LOVE!!!

Download Lisa’s 50-minute video for $15.00

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M Lisa 5

M Lisa 32

M Lisa 67

M Lisa 80

M Lisa 143

M Lisa 167

M Lisa 182

M Lisa 233

M Lisa 255

M Lisa 286

Crystal Volume 3:  Mac massage and killer blowjob!

CRYSTAL is BACK!! Crystal JUST TURNED 18 and is a real cutie as you will see in this video - she’s got the looks and a great personality to match!! She is 5’7” and 120 lbs with a great set of “cupcake” boobs - a cute pair of 34B’s that are super firm, cute with nice puffy nips! You will LOVE this volume - it includes not one, but TWO massage scenes and then a nice LONG BJ scene where Crystal gets rewarded with one of the BIGGEST MAC BLASTS!!!

Scene 1: We start with Crystal NUDE and she takes her measurements - 33-28-35!! Then it is time for the MAC massage - first Crystals great BACKside J

Scene 2: MAC gets to suck on Crystal GREAT BOOBS - talk about firm/perky with nice big areola/nipples!! Then MAC starts the frontal massage!!

Scene 3: MAC’s fingers/hand ventures down below - Crystal is WELL LUBED and ready for the INTERNAL massage!!

Scene 4: I liked the first baby oil massage so much I had to do it again - this scene is from her second shoot and we don’t bother with the back, just start with the front and before long MAC is probing her INSIDES!!!

Scene 5: OMG - I can’t believe Crystal agreed to do a BJ scene!!! Her FIRST ever on video, but boy does she have some TALENT!!!

Scene 6: The BJ continues - I find out Crystal is pretty damn good at deepthroating!! J

Scene 7: More great BJ action - I ask her about when she gave her first BJ!!!

Scene 8: The BJ continues - watch Crystal titty fuck MAC!!

Scene 9: BJ - the final chapter LOL - and I must say a GREAT ENDING!!! LOL

Scene 10: The MAC BLAST in slow motion - it is a CLASSIC!!! Must be over 9 BIG squirts (I didn’t think I was going to stop!!) plus a lot of small ones - CRYSTAL is drenched!! Then off to cleanup in the bathroom - as she cleans up she finds MAC BLAST in her ear, up her nose, in addition to covering her face, boobs and arms!!!


Download Crystal #3 for $20.00

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Crystal 3 5

Crystal 3 16

Crystal 3 39

Crystal 3 75

Crystal 3 97

Crystal 3 106

Crystal Volume 2:  Full nude and fun toys!

CRYSTAL is BACK!! Crystal JUST TURNED 18 and is a real cutie as you will see in this video - she’s got the looks and a great personality to match!! She is 5’7” and 120 lbs with a great set of “cupcake” boobs - a cute pair of 34B’s that are super firm, cute with nice puffy nips! This video has scenes from both her first and second video shoots with MAC - including some FAN SUGGESTIONS!!!! Lots of nude content, tickling, tummy, feet, ice, masturbation, shower….. WHOA!!!

Scene 1: First scene from Crystal’s SECOND shoot - wearing an orange sweater and some cool jeans!! We catch up on Crystal and her life since the last shoot!!

Scene 2: Fresh from the shower, Crystal has a wet look and models the sheer white top (whoa, nice headlights!) and some cute boy shorts!! The top comes off for some great topless angles and also doing the “hair flip” so we see her boobs bounce - boy are they firm and perky!!

Scene 3: Crystal models the orange SLINGSHOT bikini!! It comes off for some FULL NUDE!!

Scene 4: Birthday Suit - FULL NUDE scene from the first shoot!!! All the usual poses, hair flip, upclose boob shots/angles etc!!

Scene 5: From the second shoot Crystal removes all her clothes for us!! She does some posing to remind us of her great body!!

Scene 6: Now that Crystal is NUDE - she does some TRAMPOLINE action on the bed!!! (also in slow motion!!) Then we do an UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL TOUR of Crystal - top to bottom!! For you TUMMY fans - I tickle Crystal and she is VERY TICKLISH!! Then “around the world” through her legs up close!! LOL Then to her FEET!!! More tickling action!!!

Scene 7: Now we do some ICE tickling on Crystal!! First her BOOBS!! Then ICE on her TUMMY!! Then her BUTT and back!!

Scene 8: Crystal SOLO MASTURBATION time!! First using the little pink vibrator!!

Scene 9: The action continues!!

Scene 10: Now Crystal uses the BIG BLUE vibrator!!

Scene 11: We finish off Volume 2 with the MAC painting on Crystal’s boobs followed by a great/fun shower scene!!


Download Crystal #2 for $15.00

Check out Crystal’s second video


Crystal 2 3

Crystal 2 42

Crystal 2 51

Crystal 2 56

Crystal 2 73

Crystal 2 74

Crystal 2 120

Crystal 2 140

Crystal 2 135

Crystal 2 188

Crystal 2 191

Crystal 2 198

Crystal Volume 1:  First-time model gets topless for you!

We start off the NEW YEAR with a NEW, HOT and YOUNG model for you - CRYSTAL (yes, it is her real name)!! Crystal JUST TURNED 18 and is a real cutie as you will see in this video - she’s got the looks and a great personality to match!! She is 5’7” and 120 lbs with a great set of “cupcake” boobs - a cute pair of 34B’s that are super firm, cute with nice puffy nips! This is her VERY FIRST VIDEO SHOOT!!! Crystal has NO TATTOOS and NO PIERCINGS - a rare young find!!

Scene 1: What Crystal was wearing when I picked her up - a nice low cut sweater shirt and jeans!! Some great downshirt shots for the first scene!!!

Scene 2: A low cut black top and gray skirt!!

Scene 3: A black/white sun dress - low cut with NO BRA!! Some great cleavage shots and awesome NIP SLIPS (she doesn‘t realize for awhile!!) - crystal has some nice puffy ones too!!

Scene 4: A tie died cute tank top and jeans!! She must be picking these tops to give us nice cleavage shots!!

Scene 5: Black skirt and black patterned top. Even more great cleavage views with this top!!

Scene 6: Black pants and black flowered halter type top

Scene 7: MAC’s blue bikini!! “It is very small!!” but looks great on her!! I try out a NEW SCENE where the model bends over with her hair forward then raises her head quickly to flip her hair up - shown in slow motion so you can see her hair fly (and oh yeah, her boobs bounce!!)

Scene 8: MAC’s yellow bikini!! At the end she pulls the top down for some great topless from behind and sides!!

Scene 9: White sheer top and some plaid boy shorts (Crystal is not a thong girl!) - more topless from behind/sides!!

Scene 10: MAC’s white teardrop bikini really shows off Crystal’s young, firm body!! Some great FULL TOPLESS action with lots of angles and closeups of Crystal’s “Girls”!!!

Download Crystal’s video for $10.00

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Crystal One 3

Crystal One 2

Crystal One 11

Crystal One 24

Crystal One 20

Crystal One 32

Crystal One 36

Crystal One 43

Crystal One 53

Crystal One 61

Crystal One 77

Crystal One 89

The long awaited return of “LOST BJ’s” - Volume 2!! This one should be called “Deepthroat Girls” as they all have tremendous talent!!

This is a different kind of video as it features 3 previous “MAC” models - this time it is busty LAINA, EVE and supercute JENNA in BRAND NEW footage of BJ’s with ol‘ MAC.on the receiving end of the FUN!! There was too much footage of these models for the previous releases and they are SO GOOD at BJ’s that I had to get a SECOND HELPING…LOL So we’ve combined them into ONE HOT 1-hour volume of ALL BJ action!!! ENJOY - I SURE DID - LOL…..

Laina - First on “deck” is the girl with the ENORMOUS BOOBS!! 3 scenes for this BJ… Starts with MAC lying back on the bed and Laina climbs on top and starts sucking with great abandon and her boobs hanging down on the bed…lol Lots of great deepthroating action and eye contact for a great POV video!! Watch MAC play with those big hooters as he gets his dick sucked!!! Then she gets off to the side for some BJ action (allowing MAC access to those boobs!) Laina’s got her mouth open and licking her lips for the MAC BLAST as a reward for her efforts!! The blast is repeated in slow motion of course!!!

Eve - Next up is the big boobed college coed Eve!! 3 more separate scenes for the Eve BJ. This is from her second shoot and she had not gotten a good facial from either Alex or Hance - so I needed to have some fun and give her a MAC BLAST to finish off the day!! Eve’s talents have improved since her first shoot!! I wish she lived closer to get a good BJ more often!!! Eve shows off her deepthroating talents!! Long, slow and DEEP!!! MAC is standing and Eve is kneeling for the MAC BLAST!! Repeated in slow motion of course showing a CLASSIC MAC BLAST - it leaves Eve completely drenched, covered in cum, shaking her head and spitting!!

Jenna - Last up is Jenna, the supercute, perky boobed college coed!! 4 separate scenes for this nice long BJ!! MAC lays down on the bed - JENNA already has MAC painted on her boobs with lipstick! Watch Jenna demonstrate her amazing BJ, deepthroating, hand job, ball sucking talents!! The scene ends with MAC standing and Jenna kneeling for the cumshot. After the MAC BLAST we follow her to the bathroom to clean off the MAC BLAST and then wash off the MAC written on her boobs!! The BLAST is repeated in slow motion - after her first MAC BLAST in Jenna volume 3 she is a little “gun shy” and is not as close, but MAC proceeds to nail her mouth and boobs, drenching her a second time!!!

Download Lost BJ’s 2 for $20.00

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Lost BJ Two 1

Lost BJ Two 6

Lost BJ Two 8

Lost BJ Two 13

Lost BJ Two 14

Lost BJ Two 12

Lost BJ Two 20

Lost BJ Two 23

Lost BJ Two 29

Shayna Volume 2:  Baby oil massage, playing with toys, and an epic blowjob!

This video is incredible.  Smoking hot Shayna starts out by taking measurements of her huge boobies and then poses a little to get us warmed up.

Next is Mac’s baby oil massage, including the internal massage.  Shayna is loving it big-time.  After the massage, she plays with a couple of toys and has a huge orgasm.

Now it is Mac’s turn.  Shayna gives him one of the hottest blowjobs ever and swallows the whole load!  This is too much.

Besides the POV videos, bonus scenes are included from the side video.  There is over 100 minutes of video.

Download Shayna #2 for $20.00

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M Shayna 2 10

M Shayna 2 31

M Shayna 2 53

M Shayna 2 79

M Shayna 2 111

M Shayna 2 135

M Shayna 2 171

M Shayna 2 199

M Shayna 2 222

M Shayna 2 306

M Shayna 2 339

Shayna Volume 1:  Busty beauty with huge boobs!

Shayna is a lovely young woman with an amazing figure.  She is very curvy and proportional and has a beautiful set of knockers.  I loved watching Shayna model her casual/office wear.  Maybe I need to hire a secretary!  Shayna does some great poses and ends up getting full topless

Download Shayna’s first video (60 minutes) for $15.00

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M Shayna 26

M Shayna 46

M Shayna 82

M Shayna 95

M Shayna 119

M Shayna 128

M Shayna 156

M Shayna 194

M Shayna 234

M Shayna 258

M Shayna 279

M Shayna 310

M Shayna 327

M Shayna 355

M Shayna 360

Ashley and Tasha!  Sexy first-timers!

This is a shoot from MAC’s “Vault” - shot a few years ago!! I contacted a cute 18 yo (Ashley) about doing a simple shoot (modeling to nude) and she agreed but wanted to bring her boyfriend and her friend Tasha - so I agreed to it as long as Tasha was willing to shoot also. Tasha was interested but said no nude - so I agreed. The shoot is in a hotel suite - so the bf stays out of the way (for most of the shoot at least) - and Ashley and Tasha took turns modeling. It is definitely amateur in style with 2 young and inexperienced models as you will get to know them….

Scene 1: We start with Tasha - a really cute, shy 19 y/o wearing what she wore to the shoot. Some nice boobs on this youngster!!

Scene 2: Tasha is wearing a bikini this time - a nice figure on this cutie!! This is her first time modeling and she talks about her nervousness etc….

Scene 3: Now we get to meet Ashley - a cute, young 18 yo with a BIG chest!! She a new mom - so qualifies as a MILF for sure!!! She models a cute pink, tight t-shirt and some tight jeans for us!

Scene 4: Back to Tasha - wearing a nice black and white dress that shows off her top well. Tasha is 5’5, 34C!! She lifts up the dress so we can see the matching panties!! Nice down blouse shots with this outfit too!!

Scene 5: Tasha models the yellow bikini on but is too shy to wear the bottoms without some sheer pants on - oh well - she still looks great and her boobs are awesome, too bad she didn’t want to do topless nude…..but during the scene she asks about doing topless… so there is hope!!!

Scene 6: Back to Ashley wearing a black lingerie outfit - top and pants. She’s got a bra on, but I get her to take that off and the whoa….you see what enormous boobs she’s got!! Ashley is on 4’11”!! Awesome down blouse shots of Ashley!!

Scene 7: Back to Tasha wearing the same outfit as Ashley in Scene 6! She takes the bra off so we’ve got her in the sheer black top!! She then does topless from behind (I get some nice side shots of course) followed by a hand bra, then a finger bra - talk about nicely shaped boobs!!

Scene 8: Back to Ashley - wearing a sheer white top - it is tight on her because of her big boobs, but we can see that she has HUGE nipples/areola to go along with them!! She also does topless from behind, hand bra and finger bra for us!!

Scene 9: Tasha models my blue sheer lingerie top along with the bottoms but covered by the sheer black pants again as she is shy!! We can see most of her awesome boobs through the top though!! About half way through the scene she takes the top off for some of the poses!! WHOA - she made sure Ashley’s boyfriend didn’t see her though - but we get to see them!!! Talk about some nice firm boobs with nice nipples!!

Scene 10: A unique scene - BOTH Ashley and Tasha model for us together!! They model, strip and do lots of topless poses for us together/side-by-side!! This is GREAT!!!

Scene 11: We finish with Ashley wearing the loose sheer white top. Lots of topless to see her GREAT boobs!!

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Ash Tash 25

Ash Tash 31

Ash Tash 73

Ash Tash 87

Ash Tash 105

Ash Tash 129

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Ash Tash 134

Ash Tash 155

Ash Tash 169

Ash Tash 173

Samantha #3 and #4:  BJ’s, fucking, and facials!

Samantha 3

Samantha is from upstate NY so we met up at a hotel in PA to split the difference. She brought her boyfriend along but said he wouldn’t get in the way and she was correct - I got a suite at the hotel and he stayed in the other room while we got down to business of shooting a MAC video! Samantha didn’t bring many outfits to model so as you’ll see there is plenty of topless in this video J . She has only done a few shoots before (mostly stills) but has a natural girl-next-door look (23 years old, 5’5”, 36B/C- 27-39) with great eyes, lips, boobs, butt…NO TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS! - the whole package - as you’ll get to see in the video ;).

This volume has TWO HOT sex scenes with her boyfriend - bareback of course!! One HOUR of hot action with both a CREAMPIE and a FACIAL for Samantha!!

Scene 1: Samantha and her bf start to go at it - he seems to be a bit “camera shy” but after Samantha starts exhibiting her BJ talents it is clear that she can “raise the dead” LOL WHOA - what I would give to experience that BJ!!!

Scene 2: Now that he is “ready” the two start some HOT Doggie action - pounding her from behind, Samantha is LOVING it hard!! Then more BJ action followed by GIRL ON TOP!! Ride em COWGIRL!! LOL Then she shows us her hand job talents!!!

Scene 3: More girl on top - then missionary!!

Scene 4: More hot F*CKING - until he finally blows his load inside her!! A GREAT CREAMPIE - then watch as Samantha then pushes the creamy load out of her pussy!!!

Scene 5: After a break (and now Samantha has MAC on her BOOBS!!) they are back for a BJ scene!!! You will see her GREAT talents using her tongue and her DEEP throat!!

Scene 6: The BJ scene continues!!

Scene 7: Samantha is really working on her man’s tool - wanting to get her protein reward!!

Scene 8: More BJ action!!

Scene 9: FINALLY Samantha gets her reward!! A nice OPEN MOUTH FACIAL where she licks up as much as she can!! WHOA!!!

Samantha 4

MAC finally gets to experience Samantha’s talents!!! After filming Volume 3 I just HAD to get a BJ from her!!! Can you blame me??? Good thing the hotel suite had two rooms separated with a door!!! Her bf went to watch TV and I shut the door and told Samantha that I needed a BJ BAD!! She said “no problem”!!!!

Scene 1: With MAC on her BOOBS, Samantha gets down to give MAC a BJ!! WOW - her talents are as good as I thought - her mouth, tongue and both hands are always in action working on the whole package!!

Scene 2: More great BJ action - deepthroating, ball sucking etc!! Oh yeah, titty fucking too!!

Scene 3: Now we go to the bed for more BJ action!! First between my legs then off to the side!!

Scene 4: The awesome BJ continues!! I decide to deliver the MAC BLAST right in her mouth as she is using her mouth and hand at the same time I couldn’t help it - there must have been a good 6 or 7 BLASTS as you can hear her moan every time I let another one go in her MOUTH!!! She pulls up and swallows but there is so much that some of it comes out of her mouth - she apologizes and cleans up the mess!!! LOL

Scene 5: Time for a shower to wash MAC off of her - including her boobs LOL A great long shower as she soaps up and spends a lot of time on those great boobs!!

Download both Samantha #3 and #4 for $20.00

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Samantha 4

Samantha 3

Samantha 5

Samantha 6

Samantha 7

Samantha 10

Samantha 11

Samantha 13

Samantha 14

Samantha 15

Samantha Volume 2:  Baby oil and veggies!

The “girl-next-door” Samantha with those awesome boobs is back!! She has only done a few shoots before (mostly stills) but has a natural girl-next-door look (23 years old, 5’5”, 36B/C- 27-39) with great eyes, lips, boobs, butt…NO TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS! - the whole package - as you’ll get to see in the video ;).

Scene 1: Mac’s white “tear drop” Brazilian thong bikini - Samantha’s luscious lobes are pronounced in this skimpy top!! Oh - and it also provides some nice butt shots too!

Scene 2: The top comes off from scene 1 and we get a full scene of topless shots/poses seeing Samantha’s awesome boobs, aureola and nipples!! “They are real and they are spectacular!”

Scene 3: The orange “slingshot” Brazilian bikini!! Sam’s aureola are just too big for this thing to cover up so there are lots of slipshots! About halfway through she puts the straps to the side and does a lot of topless posing for us!

Scene 4: Time for the “MAC” baby oil massage - first the back! You can tell she’s enjoying it - and I am too!!!

Scene 5: We now move to the “front” J - but first I get a chance to suck and nibble on her great boobs!!! Her nipples are quite sensitive and she gets hot as you can tell from her breathing and expressions as I work on those awesome boobs!

Scene 6: I now get to give her the frontal baby oil massage!! About half way through I venture to her shaved love zone and she LOVES it!! (Hard to believe her boyfriend is in the next room!) Good thing she’s not a screamer, but her deep breathing, panting and muscle spasms show that she is really loving it!!

Scene 7: Now I get to put the MAC signature on Sam’s awesome boobs- what a canvas!! Then we move on to the veggies!! Sam is not a veggie virgin and she tells us about her previous adventures with veggies. Then we get to see her in action - starting with a carrot and I get to use it on her too! Next up is a yellow squash - she gets it all the way in and has a hard time getting it out as it’s a perfect fit!!

Scene 8: The veggie scene continues with a small pickling cucumber. Next is a baby eggplant and it is a perfect size - as I get to use it on her too! Then she tries a banana followed by a LONG English cucumber! Next up is a BIG zucchini!! Not only does she get it in, she SQUIRTS/SHOOTS the thing back out - what muscle control!! We end with a HUGE cucumber!

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M Samantha 2 39

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M Samantha 2 199

M Samantha 2 238

M Samantha 2 255

M Samantha 2 318

Samantha Volume 1:  Sexy girl next door!

Samantha is from upstate NY so we met up at a hotel in PA to split the difference. She brought her boyfriend along but said he wouldn’t get in the way and she was correct - I got a suite at the hotel and he stayed in the other room while we got down to business of shooting a MAC video! Samantha didn’t bring many outfits to model so as you’ll see there is plenty of topless in this video J . She has only done a few shoots before (mostly stills) but has a natural girl-next-door look (23 years old, 5’5”, 36B/C- 27-39) with great eyes, lips, boobs, butt…NO TATOOS OR PIERCINGS! - the whole package - as you’ll get to see in the video ;).

Scene 1: What she wore to the shoot - jeans and a pink top and strawberry shortcake socks! We learn about her limited modeling experience and other previous jobs and why she decided to give modeling a shot.

Scene 2: Orange top (braless!) and holey “sunday” jeans!

Scene 3: White tank top (braless) and leather jeans - some nice down blouse shots in this scene.

Scene 4: Since she did not bring many outfits - we move to Mac’s blue brazilian thong bikini!! We really get to see her nice bod!! We end the scene with TOPLESS from behind with some nice “side shots” of course!!

Scene 5: Mac’s yellow brazilian thong bikini - Samantha’s got LARGE nipples and they peek out the side of this small top!! There is full “slippage” out of the top as she moves between poses!! More topless from behind, ending with a handbra - she’s got quite a “handfull”!!

Scene 6: white sheer lingerie top and white panties - you get to see her headlights pretty well through this top! Some great down the top shots of her awesome boobs (which she thinks is her best asset along with her eyes). She doesn’t like her butt- but I get some nice shots of it and it looks good to me!! We end with an attempt at a hair bra, followed by hands on knees so we get some nice shots of Samantha’s glorious globes!

Scene 7: tight white lingerie top that really shows her high beams off!!

Scene 8: this is a long scene - it starts with blue lace sheer lingerie! The last half of the scene is FULL TOPLESS - she goes through all the poses so we get lots of close-ups/angles of her luscious melons! We end with that.

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M Samantha 334

M Samantha 221

M Samantha 243

M Samantha 353

Laina Volume 3:  Big boobs, big toys, and big Alex!

Laina the SUPER BUSTY model with a WHOPPING 36F (ALL NATURAL!!!)-27-38 is BACK!!!

Scene 1: Laina masturbates with MAC’s toys - first up is the small pink vibrator! I help her out for part of the scene!

Scene 2: Next Laina uses “big blue” vibrator - I think she likes it!!

Scene 3: Alex likes girls with big boobs so you know he’s gonna love Laina!! Laina starts with a BJ kneeling in front of him and she gets him super hard. The conversation during the BJ is just hilarious. Alex needs a timeout as Laina’s talents are too good!! LOL

Scene 4: The BJ continues - Alex’s flagpole is straight up - he said he’s never seen it like that!! After some more BJ positions etc Alex feels sick and needs to take a break - he was lightheaded (maybe it was due to lack of blood? LOL)

Scene 5: We start again with Laina giving Alex a BJ to get him hard again. Then they go to the bed for some more BJ action.

Scene 6: Now it’s time for some sex!! First is missionary then they flip for some girl on top pounding.

Scene 7: Laina flips around for some reverse cowgirl action - watch those boobs bounce cowboy!!! Then they go to some doggy pounding - in the pile driver position Laina’s boobs hang down so far they sit on the bed!! Then she gets up into full doggy and they are swaying away!!

Scene 8: Now more missionary!!

Scene 9: MoreBJ action on the bed!!

Scene 10: Alex give Laina a nice facial for her reward - she does it open mouth and gets to taste his pecker snot LOL. She shows off her cum covered face and then we follow her to the bathroom and watch her clean up!!

Scene 11: Alex’s facial in slow motion!!

Scene 12: As a bonus included is MAC’s Blast on Laina from volume 2 in slow motion - it is a classic, as I almost take her head off LOL - the first shot of cum was a killer - it took out the left side of her face and drenched her eye - watch it ricochet off in slow mo! The next one goes on her face and in her open mouth! The third one right up her nose and then on her chin - she is covered and blowing some cum bubbles!! Then off to the bathroom to towel off.

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M Laina 3 10

M Laina 3 39

M Laina 3 55

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M Laina 3 67

M Laina 3 86

M Laina 3 132

M Laina 3 165

M Laina 3 184

M Laina 3 221

M Laina 3 248


This is a different kind of video as it features 3 previous “MAC” models - Lacey, Michelle and Ellie in BRAND NEW footage of BJ’s with yours truly, MAC, on the receiving end of the FUN!! There was too much footage of these models for the previous releases so we’ve combined them into ONE HOT 1-hour volume of ALL BJ action!!! ENJOY - I SURE DID - LOL…..

Lacey - over 16 minutes!! First on “deck” is the luscious Lacey!! A lot of you enjoyed her in her first and only volume of yet another “one and done” model!! I was hoping to do a long shoot with her, but she showed up and said she had to be home in about 2 hours because she lives with her parents (and she obviously couldn’t tell them that she is at a “MAC” shoot!!). Lacey said she didn’t have much BJ experience and that she didn’t think she was very good at it…..boy was she wrong!!! She starts with just a HJ but finally starts the BJ using her hands too - what a pro! It was like heaven - and I don’t know if it was her or the pressure of the time, but within just a minute I blew my load all over her hand - so I had her keep going with the hand job and BJ knowing that there wasn’t time to fully recover!! So with her great hands and mouth I was able to keep going!!! The scene ends with a facial!!

Michelle - 25 minutes! Next up is the perky boobed and puffy nippled Michelle who just LOVES to give BJ’s and it shows!!! If you saw Michelle Volume 3 you know what I mean!! This BJ is with MAC on the bed and Michelle servicing my needs/desires…. She takes her glasses off, but after just a minute decides that she’d rather wear them (maybe it was the MAC blast she received from the first BJ in volume 3??). She starts out in lying in front, using her hands, mouth and tongue in various combinations J She gets in a good rhythm in a no-hands BJ and I start to meet her motions so I slam the back of her throat and she doesn’t mind at all. I then get her off to the side for awhile to change things up a bit. Then it is time for a great facial - she receives another MAC blast that covers her glasses, face and boobs in MAC - she is glad she put those glasses on!!!

Ellie - 22 minutes!! This is a blast from the past - I shot Ellie several years ago and was one of my first shoots - she claimed she had great oral talents and I must confirm those claims!!! She gave one of the best BJ’s ever!!!! Very wet, deep throat and she was really into it as you will see!!! We go from the sofa over to the bed to continue the action. She was amazing!!!! She has a nice long tongue that could really work wonders!! She said she swallows - so I let the full MAC blast go in her open mouth and she takes it all down - a great end to an amazing BJ!!! POSTSCRIPT: This shoot was done over 2 years ago when Ellie was going to a conservative east coast small college - this was her FIRST ever video shoot. Turns out she later went to CA and became a big-time adult film star!!! She also won the 2006 AVN “BEST ORAL” scene award!!!!! I’m not surprised…..


Download Mac’s Lost BJ’s video for $20.00

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ellie pic 102


Heather V. Volume 3 - “Beauty Queen LOVES TOYS!!”

Heather V the ex beauty pageant contestant is BACK with a new smoking HOT solo shoot - ALL NUDE TOY PLAY!! This is amateur at its best - no acting here, Heather LOVES playing with toys and once she starts she forgets the camera is even there - it is all about HER PLEASING HERSELF and having FUN!!

Scene 1 - BTS as we see Heather show up at the shoot and get undressed, then off to the bed to see what TOYS MAC has for her to play with!

Scene 2 - First she plays with the pink vibrator, working her pussy with it while rapidly working her clit with her other hand. It is not long before there is CREAMY WHITE GIRL CUM oozing out of her beautiful love pot!! Great closeups!!

Scene 3 - The fun continues - she uses her own creamy juices to lube up the pink toy and then STICKS IT IN HER ASS!!! I was shocked and amazed!!!

Scene 4 - Heather uses BIG BLUE and it makes her whole body shake and quiver!!!!

Scene 5 - Just when I thought it wouldn’t get any hotter - she has 2 toys and 2 holes…..YES SHE DID!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!

Download Heather V #3 for $20.00

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M Heather V 3 249

M Heather V 3 273

LIzzy Volume 4:  Her first black cock!

LIZZY the Portugese Porn Princess IS BACK!!! Lizzy has never had a BLACK COCK before….but that is all about to change!!! Caught on video is her first time!!!!! AND SHE LOVES IT!!!!!

Lizzy JUST TURNED 18, is a college freshman and decided to try modeling for some fun and $$ - lucky for us she decided to do a MAC shoot as her FIRST modeling job!!!!

Scene 1: We start off with a MASTURBATION scene - Lizzy NEVER masturbates because she has her boy toy boyfriend (HE DOESN”T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LIZZY DOING A PORN SHOOT!!!) - she starts with the little pink curved one then moves onto BIG BLUE - I think she LIKES IT!!!

Scene 2: Time for Lizzy to meat Jon - her FIRST BLACK COCK and it’s the biggest one she has ever had!! Start off with some great BJ action!!! Jon is standing and Liz is on her knees!!

Scene 3: Now Jon sits down to enjoy Lizzy’s oral expertise - amazing for an 18 yo!!!

Scene 4: The BJ with Jon shooting it POV style - he asks Lizzy lots of questions that are just great!!!

Scene 5: Now Jon eats out Lizzy’s SWEET PUSSY and she goes CRAZY!!! His face is full of her juices when he’s done!!!

Scene 6: Now it’s time for Lizzy to experience her FIRST BLACK COCK FUCK!!! She is in heaven and licks her juices of of Jon’s face!!!

Scene 7: More HOT ACTION!!!!

Scene 8: Lizzy sucks Jon off and gets her reward!!! She lick and swallows up every last drop, Jon even squeezes out some extra and she immediately licks it up!!!

Download Lizzy #4 for $20.00

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M Lizzy 4 4

M Lizzy 4 8

M Lizzy 4 20

M Lizzy 4 37

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M Lizzy 4 57

M Lizzy 4 97

M Lizzy 4 142

M Lizzy 4 190

M Lizzy 4 191

M Lizzy 4 184

M Lizzy 4 274

Ashleigh 8 - Hooters Girl Gone Wild!!

Ashleigh is a nursing student by day and Hooters girl by night! Her bf thinks she is going to the hospital so she shows up in her “scrubs” - watch her change into her Hooters outfit! It is every guys dream to get blown and fuck a Hooters girl and this was MY dream cum true!! Ashleigh gets throat fucked in her Hooters outfit - lots of great BJ action - then the top/shorts come off and eventually all nude BJ. Then it is off to the bed!! A little more BJ and then it is “suit up” time and let Ashleigh go cowgirl on MAC!! This girl can RIDE!! Then some great reverse cowgirl action!! After seeing that awesome ass I TRIED to shove my cock up her VIRGIN ASS but it was WAY TOO TIGHT!! So I grab the pink vibrator and manage to get it in her ASSHOLE!! I give it a GOOD workout - hear her moan and groan (pain or pleasure? lol). Then I fuck her some more!!! She gets a good pounding - both her pussy and ass were wrecked!! Her reward? An open mouth facial of course and I make her swallow it all except what is on her chin LOL

There is over 55 minutes of POV action and as a bonus 45 more minutes of footage from the tripod - this is great angle from the foot of the bed for the sex/ass play action!!

Download Ashleigh #8 for $20.00

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M Ashleigh 8 46

M Ashleigh 8 438

Leila Volume 1:  Sexy blonde teen!

Leila is an adorable and cute 19 year old college student from down south, but actually she is originally from Russia and moved here about 5 years ago or so!! You will absolutely LOVE her accent as she speaks English VERY well!! Oh, yeah and she’s got a GREAT little 5’4” BODY on her too!!! She has never done video modeling before so her innocence is not faked but real! This video has Leila modeling 10 outfits!!!

Scene 1: What Leila wore on the plane to the shoot! A black tank top (BRALESS!! Gotta love this girl!) and some OLD (8 years old), HOLEY jeans! Lots of conversation - she learned English by watching movies!! Some nice cleavage shots (that she seems to be a little conscious of!) with this top!!

Scene 2: A tight red t-shirt and white skirt - whoa, her headlights are showing through on this one!!

Scene 3: A short brown summer dess, low cut, no bra (not sure she owns one!!), nuff said. More good down-blouse cleavage shots of course.

Scene 4: Holey jeans with a cute, small “Chinese” top which shows off her shoulders and tummy and her back!! She tells us about her trip to CA and she ends up putting another “hole” in her jeans!

Scene 5: A blue summer dress that really accentuates her boobs well

Scene 6: A plaid skirt and my sheer white lingerie top - another chance to get a good idea of her nice boobs in this one!

Scene 7: Leila puts on her cute glasses now!! She’s wearing an overall skirt with a tight/sheer white top!

Scene 8: A little green top with the denim skirt - showing off her nice figure/tummy!

Scene 9: Mac’s blue brazilian thong bikini - she loves it!! And she looks GREAT in it! The top comes off for some topless from behind with awesome side shots - she has AMAZING boobs!!!

Scene 10: Mac’s yellow brazilian bikini - whoa… More topless from behind/side!!!

Download Leila’s video for $10.00

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Leila 1 72

Leila 1 107

Leila 1 142

Leila Volume 2:  Full nude, Mac massage, and Big Blue!

Leila the adorable and cute 19 year old college student from Russia is back with her great accent and great body!! If you didn’t fall in love with Leila before, you will now!! This volume has 11 scenes and is nearly 70 minutes of HOT Leila nude, getting the MAC massage, masturbation with toys and more!!

Scene 1: Leila likes to model with music so she hooks up her computer and plays some tunes - it makes her feel much more comfortable. In this scene she is wearing my sheer blue lingerie!! She plays the drums and tells us about the music she likes etc. Leila does topless with a handbra!!

Scene 2: Leila models the white teardrop bikini - “it’s squishing my boobs!” LOL - maybe, but it looks great on her!! The top comes off for some full topless action - her girls are great!! What a nice pair of firm/perky boobs with nice nipples!!

Scene 3: The orange slingshot bikini!! More topless in this scene J Lots of close-ups and angles of her great boobs and nipples!!

Scene 4: Leila’s SHEER lingerie - whoa - it shows it all and it is all nice!! LOL Wait till you hear about how her boobs have gotten a lot bigger in the last 3 weeks!! She went from an A to a C cup (and they are all natural!!). No wonder they are so firm and perky!! More topless - I get her to try to lick her nipples J

Scene 5: Leila’s birthday suit - FULL NUDE scene!!

Scene 6: Time for a back massage for Leila!!

Scene 7: Time for the front - first MAC sucks on those awesome boobs for awhile of course J I get her nips nice and hard and you can see she is enjoying it!! Then it is time for the front massage - I think she liked it, I know I did!! Then I go for her young, shaved pleasure point….

Scene 8: The internal massage!! First just one finger as she is petite but she is fully lubed and ready for action and enjoying the patented MAC massage!! I eventually get 3 fingers in her extremely tight love canal. She’s got some great lips and nice plump clit for me to work on - and she is soon begging for mercy with her groans, cries and writhing body as I’m working her inside and out!!

Scene 9: Masturbation scene with the little pink vibrator - Leila doesn’t have any toys at home and has never used one before!! She uses mine and really likes it!!

Scene 10: Now it is time for BIG BLUE - “how does this thing work!?!?!” - well she figures it out and uses it but it is kind of a tight fit - “that one is too BIG” so she goes back to the pink one!

Scene 11: Leila gets the “MAC” signature on her boobs and then it is off to the shower!!

Download Leila #2 for $20.00

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M Leila 2 12

M Leila 2 68

M Leila 2 436

Leila Volume 3:  Blowjob and a facial!

Leila the adorable and cute 19 year old college student from Russia is back for her final video appearance - yup, another model who was “one and done” after the MAC shoot!! It took A LOT of convincing ($$) to get Leila to agree to doing a BJ scene, but I’m sure glad that I didn’t give up easily as it really paid off -LOL - a chance to get an amazing BJ from a cute Russian college coed doesn’t cum your way every day!!! The video starts with Leila nude and some initial conversation then it is time to get on her knees and show me her talent!! Lots of great eye contact as she uses her mouth and hand in concert to get me going!! This girl has some awesome moves/talent for only 19!! She does a great job licking, sucking and taking my balls in her mouth!! Leila’s got pretty good deep throat abilities too!! She works my tool on her cute boobs but really prefers to use her mouth!! Then it is time for the MAC BLAST - Leila gets in position for a facial - her eyes and mouth wide open!! I must say it was an awesome finale with at least 8 or 9 blasts for Leila, some in her mouth, 3 to her left eye, one to her right eye, one in her hair and one right up her nose!! You will see it all in slow motion too!! There was not a dry spot on poor Leila after that!! I follow her off to the bathroom as she cleans up!!

Download Leila’s BJ video (23 minutes) for $15.00

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Leila BJ 4

Leila BJ 8

Leila BJ 10

Ashleigh Volume 7:  Welcome back Ashleigh!

Ashleigh is BACK!! It had been awhile and I needed me some more Ashleigh LOL - at the last minute she said “it is my time of the month” - so I said lets still shoot and do an awesome BJ video and she went for it!! Over 54 minutes! She is looking hotter than ever!! Starts with some BTS idle chit chat and then it is “get on your knees and show me how you have improved your BJ skills”. I shove her head down on my cock and make her choke/gag - lots of ROUGH BJ action and the spit/phlegm/mucous comes pouring out of her!! NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH LOL!! THIS IS THROAT FUCKING AT ITS BEST!! After getting nude she then puts on a RAVENS BIKINI (she is a BIG Baltimore Ravens fan!!) and gives me a special lap dance LOL. She then takes the WHOLE MAC BLAST in her mouth and swallows it down!!

Download Ashleigh #7 for $15.00

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M Ashleigh 7 9

M Ashleigh 7 305

Check out new model Nicole!  She gets fully nude!

Nicole answered a craigslist ad for “petitie” models - she IS and MAC hit the jackpot. She wasn’t up for a full MAC shoot so there are only 2 volumes unfortunately… Volume 1 contains all of the modeling scenes up to FULL NUDE. Nicole is 23 and only 5 foot tall and 103 lbs - 32B -25-35 with firm and perky boobs. OVER 80 minutes, 9 scenes and 5 BTS scenes!! Lots of great casual conversation during the shoot so you will get to know her well!!

Scene 1: What Nicole wore to the shoot - the sweater comes off quickly!

Scene 2: White top and skirt that shows off her cute body!

Scene 3: Shorts and a SHEER white top! I couldn’t resist so I had her take her bra off!!

Scene 4: Purple skirt and black top - sleeveless and low cut….

Scene 5: Red teddy lingerie from victorias secret - it shows off her HOT LITTLE body!!

Scene 6: Black bra and panties!! The bra comes off and get some great side shots of her great boobs!

Scene 7: The BLUE brazilian bikini!! Lots of topless, hair bra but her hair is not long enough to cover up her headlights!!

Scene 8: White teardrop bikini!! Lots of topless, closeups etc.

Scene 9: Birthday Suit - FULL NUDE - watch her take her measurements too!!

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Nicole Vol 2 - TWO BJs from the Petite Cutie!!

Over 60 minutes of BJ action - Nicole swallows and gets a facial! When I first met Nicole I knew she was probably great at sucking dick so I asked her and she said “YES - guys tell me I have the skills!” - so the FIRST BJ is right after her first modeling scene in volume 1 wearing what she wore to the shoot!

Scene 1: Scene starts at the end of the modeling scene 1 in volume 1 - then off to the sofa with Nicole on her knees - this girl has TALENT - she is both a “bobber” and a “rocker” in her approach lol

Scene 2: Nicole gets down to her bra/ panties and continues the feast on MACs cock Great ball sucking and deepthroating!

Scene 3: Nicole gets nude and continues to show her oral skills - so good that MAC lets the BLAST go in her mouth!!! Nicole swallows the WHOLE MAC BLAST without missing a DROP of her REWARD!!

Scenes 4-6: the first BJ scene shot from the side on a tripod - great angles/views of Nicole’s body, motion and skills!

Scene 7-8: Before Nicole left I wanted another BJ, so off to the bed (topless with panties) and she resurrects MAC in no time lol!! Facial this time - and she takes her glasses off! She sucks and licks MACS cum covered cock to get a final taste before she leaves!!

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Lacey Volume 1:  Full nude and internal massage!

I drove about 3 hours to meet up with Lacey in southern VA - she is a hair stylist and we arranged to meet after work. She is 23 years old, hazel eyes, 5’ 3”, 36C/D-24-37, and in great shape!! This is her FIRST SHOOT!!

Scene 1: What Lacey wore to the shoot - a striped top and black half-pants. The top allows some nice down shirt shots to see Lacey’s ample chest!

Scene 2: White top (with contrasting black bra) and blue short skirt. You’ll learn about her becoming a hair stylist etc. Some more nice cleavage shots with this top!

Scene 3: We couldn’t waste time so we went right to Mac’s blue brazilian/thong bikini!! WOW - what a nice RACK!! We learn about her few tattoos during the scene (very small and nice!)

Scene 4: Next up is Mac’s yellow brazilian/thong bikini!! Not much coverage on her ample boobs in this suit!!

Scene 5: Mac’s loose white lingerie top and pink thong! Some AWESOME down shirt shots of Lacey’s Luscious Lobes!!! She has a perfect pendulous pair of boobs! We end the scene with topless from behind cops pose but I get some great side shots of her boobs/nipples!!

Scene 6: We move to my sheer/lace blue lingerie! Some significant “slippage” out of the top in this scene!! She takes the top off for some great shots!! At this point I KNOW I’ve gotta get my hands/mouth on those beauties!!

Scene 7: The orange “sling-shot” bikini!!! As always, some nice slippage from the sling-shot!!! LOL

Scene 8: Let’s not waste time - it is time for Lacey’s BIRTHDAY SUIT!! Yup a full scene completely NUDE!! WHOA…. We get to see her incredible body, huge nipples, huge aureola, shaved love zone etc!!

Scene 9: It’s time for the MAC MASSAGE!! - first Lacey’s back! She’s got a GREAT back side!!!

Scene 10: This is a LONG scene - over 15 minutes!! Now it’s time for the FRONT!! I suck on lacey’s great boobs for several minutes!! YUM!! She gets on her back for the frontal massage - or more?? I work the oil in good - lots of great action on her boobs!! I work my way down to the “luscious lacey” zone - she is receptive to my fingers so I go for broke!! As you’ll see - I think she definitely enjoyed the INTERNAL MAC massage!!

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Lacey 52

Heather V #2:  Our beauty queen gets fully nude!

Heather V is smoking hot.  She has one of the best figures around.  In her second video for Mac, she models some very skimpy outfits and gets topless, showing off her firm titties.  For the final scene, Heather just models her birthday suit for us.  She is amazing.  There are 3 behind-the-scenes clips included as a bonus.  Enjoy the show.

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Heather 10

Heather 15

Check out Mac’s new model Sarah!

Sarah is a local girl who answered an ad on Craigslist!! She is a young 23 year old cutie (as you will find out!) with a great 5’8” frame and a super 36B-28-35 body!! If you look them cute/girl next door with firm and perky boobs with puffy nipples/arealoa then this is your girl!! She has some lingering acne that makes her look even younger (and more real!). She brought some great outfits with her (she knows how to tease!!) and the casual conversation is great during the video!! She has a great personality and is very talkative so the scenes are a bit longer than usual!! She describes herself as a computer/game nerd - and a “guy’s girl” as she likes to play pool and drink beer (and GOOD beer too!!).

Scene 1: Sarah models the dress she wore to the shoot - nice and low cut front and back summer dress with straps and NO BRA!!! I think I’m going to like this model!!!!

Scene 2: Black jean shorts and a white tube top (no bra of course)!! Whoa…She’s got her hair tied back for this scene! We get to see the shape/form of her cute boobs in this top!!! She pulls her shirt up to show off her great tummy and her birth sign tattoo!! She keeps it pulled up for the rest of the scene!!

Scene 3: Black shorts and a black top that shows off her cleavage!!!

Scene 4: The outfits keep getting better - black shorts and a teal “club” top with no bra, plunging neckline and loose fitting front…. OMG….some great down blouse shots and a super NIP SLIP during the scene!!

Scene 5: Shorts and a great cleavage showing black top!! The bra comes off during the scene of course!!

Scene 6: A red teddy lingerie (VS of course!!) - whoa, it is HOT and we can tell she has some great nipples in this outfit!!! The teddy comes off and we see her great boobs!!

FOUR additional “BEHIND THE SCENES” scenes - wait till you see Sarah changing outfits and getting glimpses of her great body!!! Lots of great TOPLESS action and posing in the mirror!!

Download Sarah #1 for $10.00

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Check out Mac’s new model Heather V!

Welcome HEATHER V. to the site!! - Heather was a recent MISS VIRGINIA beauty pageant FINALIST and is now doing a MAC SHOOT!!!!! Heather is only 20 years old with an INCREDIBLE body and most amazing 36D boobs and curvy hourglass figure!!!! I can’t believe she agreed to do a shoot!! I think you will all fall in love with her and be begging to see more of her!!! She talks about her experience in the MISS VIRGINIA BEAUTY PAGEANT - learn all about “BUTT GLUE””!!!!!

Scene 1: What Heather showed up to the shoot wearing - a white sweater top and some jeans. Her bubbly personality really comes through in the video/questions during the posing!!!

Scene 2: Heather continues to model the first outfit - the scene is long as her great personality and talkative nature really comes through!!!

Scene 3: A tight formal blue party dress - HOT!!!!!

Scene 4: Strapless top showing off her AMPLE chest and black skirt!!! Some great CLEAVAGE shots with this outfit!!!

Scene 5: Peach top with NO BRA - Heather was a bit embarrassed as it was a bit “cold” in the room and her NIPS were definitely showing through this top!!!

Scene 6: A lime green top - Heather looks HOT in anything she puts on!!! Some great “panty” shots with this short skirt!!!

Scene 7: Time for the BLUE brazilian bikini!! She says “it’s tiny!!” LOL WHOA she is BUSTING out of this thing!! And talk about FIRM BOOBS!!! OMG!!!

FOUR additional “BEHIND THE SCENES” scenes - wait till you see Heather changing outfits and getting glimpses of her AMAZING boobs!!!

Download Heather V’s first video for $10.00

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Heather V 4

Heather 36

Hey everyone - MAC here, sorry for the absence! I thought I was making unique videos with REAL first time (many one and done) models and the many requests to make the videos available again proves that point!

You can email me at with comments/suggestions - what model should we bring back next?

For technical or customer supprt, please email Jeff the webmaster.

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